Monday, July 18, 2011

oh what to do!

WELL, the hubs and I just saw a really cute place that's in the lower end of our price range. Nice quiet street, the apt isn't too small, there's access to the back of the apt, and it's satellite ready. The downsides are that it has only a kitchenette and no laundry facilities. It turns out that I actually sort of know someone who lives there. She said just mention that I know her and the apt is ours. Once we got to see the apartment, I learned that the person I sort of know was basically raised in the building! SO, if we want the apt, it really is pretty much ours. We have until tomorrow morning to make a decision. I don't know what to do! We looked at another place last week which is a possibility. We won't be saving as much but there's a fantastic garden already in place (zucchinis, tomatoes, and corn!). It's a 2 bdrm a bit on the small side but I was sold on the garden alone! I wanted the hubs to call today to find out what was going on with that but he wants to wait for the lady to call us. I'm going to make him call tomorrow. lol. I sent an email to our school parent board to see if anyone can let the rest of the school know that I'm looking. Sigh..


  1. I think I'd go with the garden- esp. if it has laundry facilities! Then if it doesn't work out take the other place. :) JMHO. Saying a prayer for you!

  2. Garden, garden, garden!!! The other place has only a kitchenette? So you can cook but can't eat in the kitchen, is that how that works?

  3. The garden is appealing, and if it has a wash, you need to build that into your costs. Laundramatts can be expensive with the other apartment.


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