Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, I am proud to say that the hubs and I have completed our apt search and will now have a new place to call home by the end of next month. Whew.
This is a screenshot of the front. It's a bit shabby looking but we're into shabby chic. It's a 1920's building and the owner just purchased the building at the end of April. He has been doing major renovations to it probably since the day it was purchased it. He has been working unit by unit. We're already promised the second floor apt on the right hand side. It's a fourplex. So far there are two older sets of people on the left side of the building. Not sure who is going to end up renting below us. We're hoping for a young-ish person/couple. The awesome thing is we get to make some decisions in regards to the renovations.  We got to decide if we wanted carpet/laminate in the living room! I already put in a request for another closet pole in the hall closet, etc. Apparently we are going to have crown molding put in too! Since the building is so old, there are some quirky things to it but unfortunately, none are of use any longer. There was an ironing board in the kitchen-ours is missing. In the eating area, there are these things in the walls which at one point served as the chairs. Too bad they don't work anymore! The backyard is huge and will be used for parking and whatever else we want to do.  There's already a HUGE blackberry bush and a small patch of strawberries. The one problem is figuring out what the heck I'm going to do with all my teaching stuff. I've counted-there are at least 30 some boxes (I don't think it's ALL teaching stuff) that need a place to be. I don't want to keep it all at school because I don't want anyone else getting at my things and using/taking stuff without permission. I may end up taking SOME things to school but I guess we'll have to see. I don't think there will be room for these boxes in our apt. Well, we'll figure that out when we get closer to our actual move.
I have been chugging along on the vest for the hubs. Here's how it looked after I seamed everything up.
 Here's how it looks with the armhole bands. I still need to do the neck band. Picking up stitches for the ribbing has been a pain in the butt. It takes FOREVER. I'm not looking forward to doing the neck band.
As far as fit goes, the length is a bit shorter than I had anticipated it being but I know this stuff is supposed to stretch A LOT. So I'm hoping it all works out after blocking. The hubs loves it. I'm impressed with the sizing!


  1. Every apartment has pluses and minus. If this one saves you some money and the landload is making upgrades, sounds like a winner.Maybe you could approach the school to provide a locked closet for your stuff.

  2. Yahoo indeed!!!!!!

    Awesome on The new apartment. Can't wait to see Joey modeling the vest.

  3. Glad you found a place to live!
    Jessica Skinner

  4. Congratulations on your new apartment. Good luck getting settled. I'm sure everything will fall into place :)

    Your hubby's vest is awesome...I bet he can't wait for it to be finished :)

  5. I consider it old world charm. It has character.

  6. "Yahooooo" has to be the best blog post title ever. Your new apartment sounds really charming. The building has a bit of that art deco style on the outside, and I'm sure the new interior renovations are going to be great! And even though I've already seen the finished sweater vest now, it looks like you did a great job sizing as you knit.... even though picking up stitches is just the worst!


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