Monday, July 30, 2012

catching up

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post!  While I've been away, we dog sat, a baby was born, a quick trip down to San Diego was taken, a blanket knit up, the Red Bull US Grand Prix visited, and a baby was visited and hand knits gifted.  Before all of that though, I was feeling a bit like a workaholic!  I had been reading a lot and purchasing books about reading workshops and writing workshops.  Yet over the past two weeks, I haven't been reading as much and school starts up in 18 days!  I need to get cracking.  After my last blog post, I believe that was around the time I agreed to go with my friend down to San Diego because she had never been before and I've been a few times.  We were going for the California State Games.
Well, after agreeing to go to San Diego, then my best friend called to see if I'd be able to be 'on call' for when the baby comes!  She even asked that I be in the delivery room..  Talk about a dilemma.  I ended up going to San Diego because I was the one that offered to go.  She didn't ask me.  I willingly offered my services.  The hubs didn't think it would be cool to back out on her either.   Fortunately, my best friend was okay with that.  The whole experience was pretty cool. I had no idea what a big deal the California State Games were until we got there.  There was even an opening ceremonies at Qualcomm Stadium.  
Now the baby? He came the day before I was to leave for San Diego.  I didn't make it to the delivery.  I had already made plans to go to my school to start to put my class back together.  I ended up doing a LOT of cleaning.  It's funny how last year, I didn't notice anything needing cleaning but this year, yuck!  I have big plans for my room this year though so maybe that's why.
While I was in San Diego, I worked feverishly on the blanket that I had cast on for the day I finished goldfish. I ended up finishing it late last Friday so I was able to block it and have it ready for our visit yesterday!
Here are the gifties for the baby. Mom and Dad loved them.  Dad was impressed with my handiwork. :) 
And here's a glimpse of the new baby!
Oof, before we even went to see the baby, we went to the Grand Prix! 
 This is the car the hubs test drove on the rocky terrain created by the Land Rover guys.  It was small, tight, and insane!  He got to drive the new Evoque.
 There was a cute tee-shirt for kids that said, "My daddy drags his knee."  
 More knee draggers.
 A view of what was on the other side of the course. 
 A different part of the track.
And the checkered flag.
Since we only had tickets for the first day, most of the heats were either practice runs or qualifying ones.  We only really saw the moto gp. I'm not really sure if that's all that was going on or what.  It was fun though. 


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy couple of weeks.

  2. Gorgeous baby knits!

    Looks like to have been busy!

    Jamie and i saw an episode of Pawn Stars with that wooden motorcycle!


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