Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my guts are hanging out

Haha. I began this blog (wow, six years ago!) and it has evolved in many ways.  Originally it was just to showcase my knitting.  Life can't be only about knitting-which I soon discovered. My real life started to seep in.  I tried drawing a line between my real life and my craft to have some modicum of privacy.  But then my blog was invaded with so much life, people probably didn't know what to do with it all! Then I scaled back a bit (on the life drama part).  There has been an ebb and a flow to this blog.  This year, I discovered many, many, many teacher blogs (which in real life is what I am if you didn't already know that) and I was overwhelmed.  When I look at my blog list on my google reader, about 80% of the blogs I now keep up with are teacher blogs while 10% focus on food, 5% focuses on crafts, and the other 5% focuses solely on knitting.  How on earth did knitting begin to take such a backseat in my life?  Now I am not posting to announce that this once knitting blog is going to become a teacher blog because I am not as talented as all those other teachers out there in the blog world. Have you seen some of the things they've created out there? They're all over pinterest!!  
Anyway, this is my feeble attempt to let myself know that it is okay to post about anything and everything.  I am not limited to only posting about knitting (as if there has been much of that going on over here)!  In fact, when I did those blogging A-Z challenges, I had the most fun doing those!  So, be on the lookout for more from me (let's hope)!  


  1. Yes! It is totally ok I post about life! Anything goes! It's your space!

  2. It seems to be very, very hard to post exclusively about any one subject. I tried a cooking blog a couple of years ago and ultimately abandoned it because I couldn't post about cooking all of the time. So this time around I tried to go with a more eclectic style. Most of the blogs that I really enjoy reading cover at least a few different topics. I think it keeps them interesting. Good luck in your new posting endeavors. I'm looking forward to reading them.

    1. I think your eclectic style gave me the little nudge I needed. Thanks for the luck! Send me your email address!

  3. I have found SO many teacher blogs that I try to keep up with. I have even found some that use the same reading series as I do - they have such great ideas. My question is - how in the world do they have time to teach (and all that goes along with that - ie planning, preparation, teaching, assessing, etc), their families, and their blog? I just don't get it. I have found mainly 1st grade ones that I watch. But... if you look on my personal blog: jlskinner.blogspot.com you can see all the blogs I have under the teacher blogs. I bet you have found many of the same ones!

    BTW, I like how your blog has evolved. Just as your life has! Mine has kind of done the same. It started as a way to show how the kids were doing. Which it still is, but now involves me and my teaching sometimes, too!

  4. It's your blog. Post what you want. If someone is a faithful reader, they won't mind.


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