Sunday, December 2, 2007

a day late

As promised, here's your well-deserved knitting content. :) I started the second techguy sock on dpns--I forgot to bring my circs with me so I had to purchase some emergency dpns!
I ending up frogging the accidental hat after I saw the blasted thing couldn't fit over my niece's big giant head. :o I had ordered a new baby knits book from KnitPicks (which I LOVE by the way!) and cast on for the swing coat. I may not have enough yarn (I've got one more skein of this stuff) but we'll see. I may be soliciting donations from those that might have some alluring in their stash. Here we have a plain' ol stockinette sock for my fiance. I'm using the shibui knits sock yarn and Shannon was correct..this stuff pools like a mother. :o He likes it so that's all that matters.
Oh, and here are the lil bulldog's lil footsies in the socks that do fit her. Here's a close-up of my skein of Nevermore purchased from Sarah over at Perfect Day Yarns. :)
It looks much more purpley in this shot but I think the close-up shot is a bit more accurate.
ooh! Did you all know the latest magknits is up?? Go check it out! There's a super adorable sweater for a lil one. I love the buttons on the shoulder-it's exactly what I had in mind for my niece--at least the buttons on the shoulder part.
Here's a great shot of me working (or is it hardly working?) on my progress reports on Thanksgiving Day.

I leave you with these parting shots of the little bulldog..


  1. Oh isn't she cute!

    Pretty yarn ;)

    I like the pooling in the fiances socks, but then I like pooling in general.

    I made some ankle socks for 8 year old step neice with my Alluring but if you want the rest of the skein it's all yours, let me know.

  2. Such a shame about that Shibui as the colours are gorgeous. I hope she sorts it out. Other than the pooling, how is it to knit with?

    Your niece is so cute! How old is she now?

  3. I was going to comment on all your lovely WIPs but I was distracted by the cutie!

  4. Awww! I think your niece is about the cutest little bulldog ever!

    Yay for the knitting, but sorry the hat didn't fit. :( The sweater will be even better, though.

  5. Your niece is adorable. She really is getting big :)

    All your knitting and new yarn looks wonderful!


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