Monday, April 7, 2008


I had started a post last night about my exhausted Sunday but I didn't finish it. I'm exhausted still so the title remains. We had our longest and toughest hike yet today. Good lord. I started sweating and I had children grabbing on my clothes to help hold themselves up!!! It was our steepest hike. Downhill is always good though. I think it's the best part of our hikes. Today especially as some of us were running down parts of the hill (some example I am!!). My legs are dead tired. I told the parents that their kids would be out like lights tonight! I just might be out like a light as well. Sheesh.
As far as how the first day back went, other than it being short, it was okay. They've regressed which is expected particularly since they have a new teacher whose limits they need to test.
I received my April Art Walk Sock Club Yarn and it's amazing. If you aren't already aware of the artiste behind Zen Yarn Garden, you have to try ou the Art Walk sock Club. I know, I keep saying it but I'm serious!! I present to you, "Flora on Sand" based on the Paul Klee painting of the same name.
I haven't a clue what to knit with it. For now, I just want to admire it for a bit. Roxanne, you did a phenomenal job and I can't wait to find out what May's inspiration might be! Okay, must reheat dinner or something and then hop in the shower!


  1. Oh man I love hiking, but I'm not so into the really steep up hill thing.

    That yarn is pretty!

  2. I mailed your package on Saturday! Let me know when you get it - I'm always nervous when I send something big off!

    I hope you feel better - sounds like you burned a lot of calories!

    Your FSC3 Pal

  3. Interesting colored yarn!

    You'll be getting another Zen Yarn Garden skein shortly ;) from my club!

    Hiking sounds like fun. Too bad I have asthma.

  4. You know, that painting looks like it would make a pretty cool knitted blanket. You should totally try it!

  5. nice yarn! hope your legs have recovered.....


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