Thursday, April 10, 2008

is it friday yet??

My first week back at work is slowly coming to an end. I have to tell you-it's been a long week. I think by the end of next week, things will be 'normal' or @ least as normal as it can get. Things are slowly falling into place and the kids are slowly getting used to the new teachers. We had a chat (just the childen and I) this morning and they expressed that it has been a bit difficult to get used to new teachers but I said to them that I know they will try their best to show their best behavior. For a moment, they were themselves again and I miss them. Plus I'm getting overly loved (if that's possible) and am getting bombarded with hugs every which way I move. Sigh. I need a break.
Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? This year, marks the first year where people can celebrate National Poetry Month by having a "Poem in your Pocket" on April 17th. My school will be celebrating this tomorrow. It's going to be so cute. Everyone is supposed to arrive at school with a poem in their pocket. I can't wait to hear other people's poems! We are doing ours early because next week we will be celebrating Earth Day at our weekly whole school assembly.
I received my fcs3 package today from Donia! I already thanked her on the fcs3 blog, but I am going to thank her again here. Thanks, Donia!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what was in my package:She sent me a slow cooker cookbook (which I still have to look through), some delicious chocolate from a local chocolate shop where she lives, a book clip/stand (to help prevent me from losing my place while I'm knitting), a cute notepad, some yummy sour patch watermelon candy, a pair of really cool socks (How'd you know striped socks were my favorite???), a very sweet handmade card, my very own handmade dishcloth, and some Elizabeth Austen Andes yarn!
Earlier this week, I also received my last and final installment of the Chewy Spaghetti Blue Plate Special club:A sock pattern accompanied the yarn and the cool bag but I didn't have a chance to take a pic of it.
Ack, I just realized I didn't fill you all in on the aquarium or my stop at alamitos bay yarn company last week. My fiance loved the aquarium. As for Alamitos, we walked out of there without one ounce of yarn. Though I did have to purchase this. My fiance saw one and said he wanted some. Thank goodness summer is nearly here because it'll be a while before I have to knit these up. Thankfully, so many of you have already knit these up that I can look to you all for some advice. :) I haven't bought any yarn in a week! (that's huge for me!). Part of it is over the weekend, I had to splurge on a set of new tires for my car. While we were getting new tires, I also got an oil change as well as an alignment. Talk about burning a hole in my pocket. There went all of my state tax refund plus a bit of my federal refund. Thank goodness I get paid next week. Oh, and I got my first check from the tutoring I started!
There's been some knitting. I've been working a bit here and there every night on my ise6 scarf. That's my main focus. I'm on the fence with continuing my vintage rose socks as I'm not so happy after all with how the pattern is turning out. Ugh. Pictures soon for some advice!


  1. What a nice secret pal package!

    That bag that came with your sock club order is cute.

    I'm glad you two had fun! I love awuariums!

  2. You'll love the felted clogs pattern...very ingenious design :)

    happy knitting :)

  3. I can't wait to see your Felted Clogs. Neat design! I've seen them all knitted up in blogland.

    That bag your kit came with is super cute.

    Glad you got your FCS3 - I still haven't yet (mailing deadline is today).

  4. Nice package! You sure do have some pretty yarn to be working with!

    The ft clogs are so fun to make. I think I've done 10 pair! And one of my hubby's aunts keeps hinting that she really wants a pair for Christmas.

    Have fun with all of that yarn!


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