Monday, April 28, 2008

mi vida loca

Has it really been 18 freakin' days since my last post??? Ugh. My apologies to the few readers I have left. I'm still here. I've been thinking about you all and have all your blog posts that I'm behind on saved in my bloglines. I think my life will start to slow down (at least a little bit!!!) after May 9th. Little did I know how much more work it would be to not have my old partner around. I'm not complaining but I haven't time for much else. I've got work on the brain. It isn't stress per se but it's mostly making sure that every detail (nearly) is considered. Let's see, in the last 18 days, I have...been working on this "Children Around the World" unit we're doing in class, baked some mini-apple pies with my class, been emailing with parents like mad, attended the birthday party of a mom from my class, found out I'm going to have a sister-in-law soon!!!!!!!!!! stopped ordering yarn for myself (for a bit), attended my school auction at some fancy country club, completed my ISE6 scarf, frogged some socks, traveled to Tijuana, Mexico for the first time ever and I have been working on organizing both our Mother's Day Tea Party and trying to get Mother's Day gifts together for next week. Oh yeah, and this Wednesday our class has their school play, "The Little Red Hen." Am I busy much? :P Since I've been working so hard on getting my scarf completed (and let me tell you, it wasn't easy at all especially since I had a hard time concentrating on it!) that I haven't really touched anything else. I put it aside on Wednesday, binded off yesterday and was finally able to start a new project late last night! Oh, no pictures for this post because my camera is in my fiance's car still! Umm...the birthday party was fun and very shi-shi. They had valet service!! I'm so not used to that. We had fun though. My sister called me and said our brother was going to marry his gf on Earth Day (plans fell through though and the new date is May 17 or 18!!!!). He called me while I was on the phone with her. Sigh..who knows if that's still going to happen. The auction was another shi-shi event at a fancy country club. One set of parents gifted me with the class quilt. They spent a ton of money on it. I'm afraid to say how much. Let's just say over $2000. I didn't know they were going to do that. A little birdie let them know that I would love to have it. So it's true what they say, "Be careful what you wish for." And Mexico?? Totally unexpected. Boy was it hot there. I don't know if I'll be making a return trip there anytime soon.


  1. I'm glad everything is ok with are just very busy :) Bet you can't wait for summer vacation!!

  2. It sounds like you are due for a nice quiet weekend!

  3. Wow, you've certainly had a busy last 2 + weeks!

    What did you go to Mexico for? I'm dying to go to Mexico, one day!

    Congrats on the engagement! You must be excited for your brother!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the scarf, what pattern are you knitting. Is that for the ISE swap? I'm doing the Ravelry Scarf Exchange 2. Thought I'd give it a try. Can't decide what pattern to use for my pal's scarf.


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