Thursday, April 3, 2008

what i learned from my slow month

well, my slow month is 'officially' over but I have to tell you that I didn't last until this date! I think I got as far as the final week in March. Like I said, the last week in a month is typically my shopping time. I signed up for a Costco membership. I bought an answering machine (since my sister took hers when she moved). I bought that trashcan we needed. And then once I started with all of that, it was over but mostly everything I bought were things I needed but wasn't in dire need of at the moment of purchase. From this experience, I've decided that I'm going to be choosier with yarn purchases. I think I'm sort of over that yarn buying madness hump. I've got more yarn (at least in my own eyes!) than I know what to do with. I'm not going to rejoin some of the yarn clubs I've been in. I'm not renewing my Sundara Seasons club or the Chewy Spaghetti one. I did join the woolgirl one though. I think it's okay for me to do monthly ones though--like through robyn's nest. lol. or have you tried the art walk sock club?? I'm going to try to reduce my impulse buying (at least of yarn!!). I went into wildfiber yesterday and though I spent 40 min. in the store, all I came out with were two skeins of some yellow koigu kpm for a pair of socks. Oh, there were temptations but I was good! Tomorrow, we're going to the Aquarium of the Pacific and since we'll be in the neighborhood, we'll be going to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company as well. I've also learned that just because I've got a bit more money than I did when I first began blogging, that doesn't entitle me to go spending it all on yarn! I'm going to start putting away more money than I have been since I've been meaning to start putting away for my retirement! My car is going to be paid off in September which I can't wait for as that will an extra $400 per month now. :) I need to start investing in my wardrobe. Before I used to not really care what I wore (and I still sort of feel that way!) but now there are school functions I will have to attend where I can't show up in a t-shirt and a pair of converse! There's an auction coming up in a few weeks and you're supposed to get dressed up! I don't get dressed up. My fiance and I have also been invited to a parent's bday celebration. I don't want to show up under-dressed. Sigh..I need a stylist. A free one. I also learned that I need to start grocery shopping every week like normal people do instead of binge grocery shopping. Would I do another slow month? Definitely. I'm already trying to figure out what month next year is a good time to do a slow month. lol. One with no birthdays or other special occasions.


  1. I know the feeling....I'm on a yarn diet...trying to use what I have. I know eventually I'll succumb again, but for awhile anyways I'm trying to be good :)

    Good luck...good to see to back :)

  2. Its funny, you are trying to grocery shop more often, and I'm trying to grocery shop less often! Sometimes we'll shop 3-4 times in a week!

    I still love the idea of a slow month, and congrats on making it almost all the way through the month, its a great accomplishment!

  3. Thank you for sharing about your slow month. It's great to see how you got through it.

    Monthly sock clubs are great. I'm just doing (other than my own - LOL!) BMFA's, Scout's Swag (I won a spot!) and Wool girl too. Never done Scout's or Wool girl's before. :) Very excited.

  4. i would so do a slow month with you... if only i could get the rest of the family to agree! but it would be interesting to keep track for a month where exactly *I* spend our money... I know DH won't do it though


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