Saturday, June 13, 2009

cupcake tasting!

Gosh, I wish someone would've told me what I should look for when I'm cake tasting! We hit a couple of bakeshops today to check out their wares. There are only a handful that I'm in interested in. For dinner this evening, I have been dining on cupcakes. lol. The two that are competing against each other are hotcakes and kiss my bundt. I'm sampling carrot cake, lemon, and strawberry--the only two flavors they had in common. I could've done red velvet but I'm not feeling the red velvet this year. The baby bundts are much denser but they're also lighter in flavor. So far, the strawberry baby bundt is my absolute favorite. Below are my bundts. :)I can't have anymore tonight though. ha. I'm finding that my samples from hotcakes aren't as moist as the bundts are. Here are the hotcake cupcakes: This was our free cupcake from hotcakes--and it was one of the better ones from that batch! In a way I'd love to have mini-bundts at my wedding but we'll see. We're doing another tasting Wednesday evening. Going into this, I knew that kiss my bundt would be up there but I'm thinking that the place we will be going to on Wednesday to pick up our to-go consultation will beat out the other two. I still need to figure out where I'm getting my hair done and if I'm getting a new pair of shoes..along with other minor details like mailing out the invitations!


  1. They all look good! I would want to order them all :-)

  2. i like the looks of the fre sample best! LOVE raspberries

  3. Those cupcakes look delicious!

    Do you have to pay for all those samples, or are they free?


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