Thursday, June 11, 2009

i made it back in one piece!

2 demo lessons, and 2 quick interviews later and I'm back in Los Angeles. Can someone press the pause button for me?? The first demo lesson that I had went really well. I'm not quite sure I knocked the socks off of the administrative team that I interviewed with but I think I knocked everyone else's socks off! The quick interview I had scheduled that same day was just 'meh.' The set up of the school was strange to me. Plus I didn't like the idea that I wouldn't have my own classroom. I would just have a cart and would be going from classroom to classroom. No thanks. The next place that I went to do a demo lesson was SUPER foggy. I had no idea that city was like that. That was the first turn-off. The school was gorgeous and the bulletin boards outside each classroom was phenomenal. The children were like pod people though. I'm used to one or two children calling out when I pose a question. I'm not quite used to EVERYONE raising their hand and not one person calling out. It was weird. The whole place was just weird to me. There was something about it that didn't sit well with me. On our way home from that last interview (and I mean home to my parents' house), I remembered that I had a vm waiting to be heard. I listened to it, and it was a school that had an opening and they wanted to know when I'd be up in the bay area so that I could go interview. I called that school back and let them know I was in town and we literally flew to their school which was a good 45 or so min. away from where we were! I get there, interview, get a tour of the school, and then I'm offered the position. I didn't like the numbers. I also didn't want to just take it because it was the first offer. I kind of wanted to wait to see what was going to happen with the two schools I did demo lessons. I didn't hear a peep back from the first school (unfortunately!) so I'm guessing they aren't offering me their position. I heard back from the pod people school and they offered it to someone else and I heard from the school where I'd have to go from classroom to classroom. I had the school that offered me their position wait a bit and I guess I had them wait too long. I think they went with another candidate. But looking back, I didn't want to just take it because I'm in need of a job. I don't want just any job. I've got an interview on Monday so I'm off to my parents' again this Sunday. I have a phone interview tomorrow for a summer school position. I also have a few other leads so we'll see what happens. Today was our last day of school. It was kind of surreal. I can't believe I won't be seeing any of the children at my school again. I can at least say that I'm leaving on a positive note. I'd like to think that if I ever decided to come back to Los Angeles, I'd have a position there--if they had any openings.


  1. You look so cute in your skirt and high heels! Ms. Teacher!

    I hope you get a job you want. I'm sure it'll come when it's right. Sorry to hear about you not getting the school you wanted. I'm sure there will be another school that is meant to be! Hang in there!


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