Monday, June 22, 2009

first day of summer vacation

I spent my first day of my summer vacation cleaning out the garage and making room for some of the stuff I brought home from school last week. I'm pretty much done but there's a lot of paperwork I have to go through. I attempted to purge from my teaching supplies but that wasn't happening. I found some books that I can give to the lil monkey and that's better than nothing. Maybe when the time comes for us to actually be in the process of moving, things might be different. My living room is a mess. I brought up all these empty boxes and a suitcase (not to mention the books I plan to give my niece!). I've been purging from my stash though. Stay tuned for more! On the job front, I went for an interview last Monday and didn't hear back yet so I'm guessing that was a no. I have an interview this coming Friday so back up to the bay area we go. Can't someone just hire me already?? We're going to stay up there for a few days because I don't think we're going to get up there before the wedding! Gosh, I miss the summer. It's the only time I can blog in peace!


  1. Hoping you get a job soon so that worry is off your back!:) Have a great time seeing your family!

  2. Hope that this interview goes well, and that you find a job soon so you can focus on the wedding (and knitting)! Enjoy your visit!

  3. this summer is going to fly by for you... wishing a job your way and soon!

  4. yay! summer!! good luck with your interview and with getting your school things organized and taken care of. : )

  5. Organizing is good.

    Good luck at all these interviews!


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