Sunday, June 21, 2009

wedding checklist!

Place to get my hair done, Check! Here I am checking to see how well my hair has held up after an afternoon of it being fixed. On my shoulder is my ishbel too! I'm thinking I need to go for a style with a bit more body but we'll see. Invitations mailed, Check! Wedding Registration complete, Check! I'm still working on the flowers, wedding and shower favors, getting my hands on a corset I actually like and I think that's it.


  1. Love the curls! Gorgeous! Wow, its getting closer....are you getting nervous...your countdown made me nervous and have butterfly stomach!:) big hugs

  2. So exciting to be getting married!!!! And you're going to be so beautiful!!!

  3. oh the wedding planning enjoy every minute of it... it´s so much fun!

  4. Love the hair! Are you going to leave it down and put the flower stickers in it?


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