Monday, November 30, 2009

the week of thanksgiving

This week was filled with moments of sadness, lots of family, the eating of way too many sweets, and moments of joy. The life of my MIL was celebrated two days before Thanksgiving. She was a kind, gentle, loving spirit and she will be missed by all. She touched so many lives in so many different ways and it was because of this that people of all different walks of life came together to celebrate her. When we saw her lying in her coffin, it became real for us that she was indeed no longer with us in body but she will always be with us in spirit. There was so much grief, so much sorrow, but there was also twinges of happiness and relief because we all knew that she was in a better place. She has taken her rightful place as our special angel, guiding us always. Here she is during one of her happiest moments, our wedding day. Thanksgiving was spent with my folks and this year, my sibs and I took on a more active role in food preparation. Wednesday was devoted to desserts. We made two pies (one apple and one pumpkin) and two loaves of spicy pumpkin bread. The monkey helped a lot and was pooped by the end of the night! That girl is becoming a pro @ licking a bowl clean! Thanksgiving day, we spent working on all our appetizers a la martha. Not so sure if any of the appetizers will be making a return appearance in the years to come, but it was a good experience and now we know to start cooking our appetizers earlier so we can eat on time! lol. The macaroni and cheese with butternut squash needs to be revisited though. We substituted gruyere for the sharp cheddar and I learned that gruyere isn't the best cheese for something like that. It's not as cheesy as one would like. Here's a snapshot of what was left of the mac & cheese. As far as the desserts go, I believe they will all be making a comeback particularly the pumpkin pie with caramel pecan topping! We didn't make our own crust (since it was all butter) but maybe next year when we're a bit more pie savvy. Leftover turkey may possibly be turned into a turkey pot pie. I forgot I knew how to make one of those-then remembered while my mom and I saw a commercial last night for turkey leftovers! My sister and I went together to pick out buttons for our unifinished cardis. We kind of had to settle because as I've already pointed out in a previous blog post, buttons are slim pickins here. If I could, I'd open up a button store! So now, I can present to you, something blue AND sesame! Yesterday while uploading my pics to my desktop, I realized that I'm short a few finished shots of some other projects so be on the lookout for them. I've been itching to cast on for a cowl (even though I'm on a forced knitting break!!) and I've just found the perfect pattern to try out..


  1. I'm so happy your MILs service was nice. I love it when a funeral is packed - my mom's was like that. Love the deserts and the sweaters!

  2. So glad your mil's funeral was comforting and beautiful. What an awesome pic of her!

    What yummy desserts! Fabulous sweaters too!


  3. Its so nice that your MIL was able to help you celebrate your wedding - and I'm glad that you were able to find some comfort.

    Very nice sweaters - and the pies look amazing!

  4. Very touching about your MIL. I'm sure she was watching you enjoying your Thanksgiving with her son, happy that he has you!

    Love your sweaters. How long does it take you to knit one of those? You are amazing!

  5. What a beautiful picture of your MIL at your wedding. What a nice touching thing you've written as well. Again, so sorry for your loss, our deepest condolences.

    Looks like you've had a good thanksgiving! I've never baked a pie, only cakes...! Maybe one day I'll be daring! Especially if the crust is already made!

    Great sweaters!!

  6. so sorry to hear about your MIL... prayers are with you and your family.

    nice sweaters though... you've been a busy girl

  7. Please forgive me for being so behind in my reading. I'm so sorry for your sorry :(

    Hope by now the healing has begun. Tough to bear around the holidays.


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