Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Walking Sticks

My class pets are walking sticks. Since we got two weeks off for Spring Vacation, I thought I ought to take the suckers home with me. I didn't want to have to go by the school every few days to make sure they had food. We got our first batch of them from one of the other teachers at school. She has a whole 5 gallon tank of them!
Here's a close up of at least three of them. Two are hanging straight up (one on the left and one on the right) and the third one has its legs extended.
Here's another shot of some other ones in the tank. We started out with 9 but as the vacation has progressed, I have lost two of them (at least!). Not sure what is causing them to die. They've got food. They're not lonely..who knows. I just hope I still have the rest of them when school starts back up again!
When we first got walking sticks for our class, we hadn't set up a habitat for them. They were just in the fish tank with scraps of newspaper at the base. Each week, we would clean out the tank. The kids (who liked holding the walking sticks!) would take a stick, play with it, etc. while I cleaned out all the poop. We have since created a cool little habitat for them so we haven't been cleaning out the tank as much since there is now soil and I just kind of let nature take its toll.


  1. I am not a huge fan of bugs, but as a mom of 4 sons, you would totally be their favorite teacher! lol

  2. Oh my, I thought you mean walking sticks, like those sticks you carry when you go on a walk! Not an animal! HA HA! Nevermind my email to you then, you might be confused!!! I'm laughing at myself over here....


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