Friday, January 6, 2012

I used to be and now I am

Meri shared this post on her blog and it made me think back to my graduation day at Mills College.
My cohort and I composed a group 'I used to be and now I am' and we each contributed a line.  I wanted to create my own I used to be but now I am so here goes..

I used to be someone who could depend on her parents and now I am someone who depends on friends that have become my new family.

I used to always see the best in my parents and now I am someone who sees them for who they really are.

I used to worry about the future and now I am someone who takes each day as it comes.

I used to be a perfectionist (damn you Type A!) and now I am someone who is just pleased to get anything done, period.

I used to go out of my way to help people even when they didn't ask for it and now I know better.

I used to want it all and now I am grateful for the things that I already have. 

I used to have to make dinner every night after a long day at work and now my hubs is in charge of dinner!

I used to think I could catch up on the rest of my life during days off from school and now I have realized that is getting to be impossible!

I used to go shopping all the time and now I'm lucky if I can go shopping at all.

I used stick to the plan and now my new mantra is it'll get done when it gets done.

I used to be high strung (really!) and now I am easy-going, mellow, and (kind of) fancy free.

What did you used to be?


Hey everyone,
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