Saturday, March 8, 2008

hmmm, ch-ch-changes

Well, I sincerely thought I was going to have really good news to share but it's not so good news after all. The news on the work front is that my partner is moving out of state. It is an awesome opportunity for her and her family and I couldn't be happier for them! Particularly since they will now be able to get a house as well as a dog for her son. Yay!!! Now, you'd think I would just fill her shoes until the remainder of the school year and my school would hire someone to help me out. Um, no. That has so not become the case! I thought it came down to semantics but it really comes down to having a director who is very set in her ways. Here's what has happened in the span of oh, three partner wanted to bring on board the sub that was there the Friday that Carl Lewis was supposed to be at my school. This woman comes, interviews, and she did a trial run. All the while, our curriculum director's asst. came in to 'observe'. Little did I know she was coming in to decide if she wanted to take the position rather than us have the sub take it. There isn't anything wrong with either candidate. I would much prefer the one who has already been working at our school though because she has much more experience. The sub just got her credential. Here's the kicker, the one who has already been working at our school is going to have the 'lead teacher' title and I get to keep my sad little 'co-teacher' title which when I first heard it bugged the living crap out of me. Now, I could care less. I was all excited and gung-ho about the new unit we are going to be starting and I've seriously lost a bit of that excitement because of the fact that my director didn't believe in me enough to be able to take on the 'lead teacher' role--maybe she's trying to save me from stress, I don't know but one of my pet peeves is when people think that I can't handle something. Oh and get this, pretty much all the staff knew before my partner even told me her news!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a whole 'nother story. Anyway, my partner's last day is the 20th. My new partner will begin on the 17th. The sub is going to continue with me until the 14th. Hopefully things will go differently than I imagine. I'm hoping for this to be a real partnership where we work together to plan the curriculum. We'll see. I'm worried about the transition for the kids too as well as the parents. Other news, my sister will officially be in her new apt. as of tonight. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I didn't go into the details of her moving. It's a lame and childish story but I know that some of you want to hear it. She claims that the thing that made her finally decide to move out was when the three of us (me, my fiance, and my sister) went out for dinner and we didn't speak to her the entire time (never mind that she didn't say a damn. word. herself.) Here's our version: she hadn't spoke to us in at least a month (if not two) already and if someone else is the initiator of the no-speaking clause, we're not going to be the ones to break it because we didn't start it. Plus, I'm sick and tired of always being the 'bigger person' and always being the one to initiate the talking again. Why do I always have to be the one to start? She stops talking to a person, she can be the first one to start talking to them again. It shouldn't be the other way around especially when the other person has no idea why she stopped speaking to them in the first place!!! Oh, she feels like she's being watched and I have to tell you, my mother admitted to my sister that she and my dad had asked my fiance and I to 'watch her.' We didn't call and report everything we saw. We questioned a lot of things she did and worried about her safety (but only amongst ourselves) since whatever happened to her was going to fall on our heads but she didn't care! She wants to prove she's an adult. Does an adult get pissy with you if you're not able to help move their shit at their beck and call?? Well, let me tell you, this adult does. Does an adult complain about having to move all their stuff on their own (hello, YOU'RE the one who's freaking moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you wanted help, you'd tell us when you wanted our help rather than just expect us to be available at anytime because help was offered to you). Ugh. Such has been my Saturday. Sorry for the complaining..some of this stuff just happened this morning! We are all speaking again (believe it or not!)-only because she sent us the longest email in the world apologizing for her stupidity and telling us the root of all this drama but she's still moving. She needs to. Her negative energy was filling up the apt. Over the course of this past week, I have felt that negative energy slowly begin to seep out with her and her belongings. Who knew I had a toxic relative!! As my fiance and I left this morning, I said, 'Why do we even have to get her a gift for her bday or even make a cake for her?? She's SO undeserving of all that!' Ugh, I need a vacation. Spring Break can't get here any faster. We have conferences on Holy Thursday and since my new partner has to leave by noon that day, we have to make all of our conferences be over by that time. I'll be going to Salinas on my own since my fiance has to work and I'll be gone for about a week. (I get two weeks off!). I'll have quality time with my parents and my niece alone until my sister gets into town. :P Will we ever have a normal relationship again?? Who knows. Maybe when she turns 30.


  1. ugh you've had a rough couple of days. I hope things go better for you soon!

  2. Sibling rivalry? Hope you both can move on and have a good relationship. Good luck, hugs :)

  3. Finally catching up on your blog.

    So how old is your sister that moved out? Older or younger than you? I can't remember.

    I didn't realize what was going on at home for you. That's nuts.

    Are you glad to have the house to yourselves now though?

    That sucks about how it unraveled at your school. Too bad that they couldn't give you lead teacher position. Do you have to be there a certain amount of years before you can get "lead"? How does that work?


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