Thursday, March 13, 2008


Can I tell you it's been a rough week at work?? You'd think I had my own class of 18 students again rather than have 2 extra adults in the classroom. It has been a week full of excessive work drama. I don't even want to go into it. I'll just say that the parents of my students all wondered why I wasn't just made lead teacher and the new teacher could be the co-teacher (my role!). I just want an equal. I'm going to be getting an equal though. I reassured the parents by telling them that I would basically be acting as a lead because I have to teach the new teacher the routine and all. They were relieved. My director got another earful of just how much the parents and their children love and adore me. Apparently she thought the kids were all deeply connected to my partner. Ha. SO not the case. Next week, my true partner (the former asst. to our curriculum director) will be starting and the sub who has been getting on my nerves more and more with each passing day will be OUT of my hair. I told my fiance she's overstayed her welcome. She just bugs and I feel as though she's trying to make the class more her when it isn't even her freakin 'class. The children were told the news yesterday and they were showing signs of distress today. Some were very clingy to me but that might be because I was sort of not in the limelight today. I was busy emailing parents, responding to emails from parents and calling parents! Monday it will just be me and my new partner (who I already love!) and that is when we are going to whip the kids back in shape. I told her what she's seeing is so not who they are. I'm both disappointed and embarrassed but I do get it. They're testing all those around them big time and they're not quite sure who is going to be their teacher. Poor kids. We're thinking after Spring Break (thankfully we get TWO weeks!!) is when they're really going to understand that my partner is gone. We're throwing a party for her next Tuesday and we're going to try to get a book made for her. I want to do it on Monday when the sub isn't there. Is that bad?? I don't want her acting as if it's her class when she's only been there a week and a half. I re-started my Sheldon for my friend who already gave birth to her third son. I need to get some fiberfil before I can move on to the rest of the turtle! I tried to start a shetland triangle but I think I need to concentrate more. As for the slow month, I had to spend money on groceries. I also had to buy sand for work. Fortunately, I'm going to claim it on my taxes for next year..or I could just get an immediate reimbursement. I had to buy my sister dinner for her bday but I managed to get out of spending even more money on a gift. My fiance was gifted with some fancy schmancy wine kit so we just gave her that. :) Talk about easy! Oh, I had to offer up my support to one of the committees my students started-the buy paintings to help the homeless committee and I spent a dollar on an 85 cent painting. I think that's all I spent today! :) Okay, more on the weekend since I have to be home to have our cable reconnected!


  1. Sure hope things work out for you at work and hopefully you can be much happier.

  2. Glad to hear that you like your new co-teacher. Hope everything works out for you and the children don't stay distressed.

    Glad to hear your slow month is going ok so far. It's hard when there are unexpected things that you end up having to pay for. I know how that is. So far, this month hasn't been like that for me. Phew!


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