Saturday, March 22, 2008

going MIA for a bit

Well, my spring break began Thursday afternoon at about 12:01pm. We finished our last parent/teacher conference and I hit the road. My last conference with my former partner. It's going to be weird returning to school knowing she won't be there anymore! I have two glorious weeks off and will be spending the first week at my parents' house (you know, the place I go where I only have dial-up internet access!). To my horror, this morning when I attempted to go online, my parents' computer wouldn't even boot up!!! My brother fixed it (about two hours ago!) but if you don't hear from me after this, you know why. The computer died (again!) or I didn't have the patience to wait for the computer to be fixed. Thank goodness I brought some knitting as well as some work to do. I came solo so I should be able to complete mostly everything I brought. I was able to start and finish a washcloth in a day! :) I brought a sock pattern to cast on for, the bag of washcloths I need to start and complete for my friend in AZ, and I also have my shetland shawl to work on (not to mention the school-related stuff I brought to read!). I have to tell you that it really felt like Spring during my drive up to my parents' house. I noticed flowers growing on these hills that I hadn't seen before. I also saw two flocks of sheep! I totally wished that I could've taken pictures of all the pretty sights! Maybe next time. Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate it!) and I'll be posting as soon as I get back to LA, if not sooner! Oh before I go, I've gotta tell you that my niece is even more hilarious than she was the last time I was here!!


  1. Yay...vacation!! Hope you have a wonderful one plus ....Happy Easter :)

  2. Happy Easter! Hope you have a great Spring Break!

  3. Have a great break and a lovely Easter. We'll be wanting pictures of that niece of yours, too!

  4. I hope you get some good rest and relaxation!

    You FCS3 Pal


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