Saturday, March 8, 2008

slow days 2-5 and more

You know, it's getting a bit tougher to not spend money! Thank goodness for having people around me that will at least buy me lunch when I'm hungry. lol. My sister is taking the rice cooker (it's hers anyway) and the answering machine. I've decided we can do without a new rice cooker until I'm out of this slow month. The answering machine is something we could sort of do without but I don't want to miss any important messages. We are in dire need of groceries (fresh produce and meat!) so maybe tomorrow we'll hit the market. We're in need of tp as well and that we need tonight. haha. We need our own Costco membership also--another thing I will wait to sign up for in April. Wow, April is definitely going to be a busy month! I received some yarn today! It was a bit unexpected though. I had signed up (at the last minute!) for the March installment of the Zen Yarn Garden Art Walk Sock Club. Boy am I ever glad that I did. I'll post pics of my 'Almond Branches' tomorrow. It's very pretty. I'm thinking of making a scarf with it. I have also finished the sweetheart socks and the stripey man socks. :) When I was finishing up the stripey man sock, I had to do some inventive knitting. I didn't have a needle with me to do the kitchener graft so I just used my circulars. Took me forever but I did it! I've been on the fence as to what I want to work on now. I attempted to get back to work on my greenery hat but stupid me forgot to write down what row I left off on. :( I wound my malabrigo laceweight into a ball and even though I had purchased it with the idea to make a woodland shawl, I think I am going to do a shetland triangle with it. But I haven't started it yet. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I'll post some tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, you never posted pics of that Zen yarn! Do post!! I wanna see.

    Sorry to hear that your sis is taking the machine & cooker. Hopefully you can stay with it until the end of the month, then buy the items. I already have a costco membership so I am able to go there to buy foods (and milk for Sean- where it's cheaper).


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