Monday, March 3, 2008

i love mondays (at least this one!)

I got to come home early today. Early is before 4 o'clock. We began our weekly hikes today and the kids had a lot of fun. Aside from getting to come home early (with hardly any traffic!) I also came home to a pile of yarn purchases! Oh, and would you believe I am beginning my 'slow month' today? Robyn started hers at the beginning of this month. I couldn't quite commit to that. lol. I didn't think I could do it but then I saw that you can still buy groceries. That was my main concern. I can honestly stop buying yarn for a while (really, it's true!). Plus, I'm starting to run out of baskets to keep my yarn in. Oh. dear.
I had a bit of a busy weekend. Saturday, I attended a dinner thrown by the parents of my students (though all the parents weren't in attendance!). My fiancé had the best time ever and he is now apparently the best fiancé ever. Like he really needed another ego boost! I had Persian food for the very first time. It was pretty good but I know I didn't eat enough food. plus I was the only one who went back for more food. It's a bad habit I've learned while growing up. See, when you attend numerous Filipino family parties, you know better than to fill your plate up completely the first time because you are going to be expected to eat again in a few hours. So, I didn't fill my plate up. Everyone else, full plate. It was great fun and it just reminded me again of how much I'm going to miss this group of parents!
Oh, Saturday afternoon was spent helping my sister get stuff for her new place! Yesterday was spent working on progress reports and guess what. I thought they were due today by 5 pm so I finished all the ones we had left. I can't open TWO of them and it's driving me nuts. I don't want to do that work over again!! Ugh. I don't know what the problem is but I know there's some kind of incompatibility going on. Sigh..Fortunately, they're not due until tomorrow by 5:30 so I hope to figure things out by then because I don't want to do them over!!
Oh, once my sister is completely out of this apt, guess what will go in her room other than an office for my fiance?? My yarn is going to go in there!!! I can't wait. I'm going to set up my swift and winder on my shelf too. We were in Ikea Saturday afternoon and everywhere I looked, there was an expedit in my line of sight. I wanted a white one but didn't want to carry the thing out. We went to Target and managed to find something similar to the expedit and for $30 less!!!!!! My fiance was supposed to build it yesterday but since my sister is still here, there isn't quite anywhere to put it just yet. So we'll just have to wait. Pictures are to follow. ;)
Now for the actual knitting front, sweetheart socks
and my stripey man socks.
This is all the knitting I've allowed myself to do. And you know what? I'm supposed to be working on baby stuff for my friend in AZ who is due very, very soon!! Ack. Where have my priorities gone??
Last week I had some good mail days. I received my zen strings feb. kit (my final one). It is Hope in Lotus Toes.
This is bmfa str in corbie which I got in a trade! You can't really see all the colors. They're so dark but I love them.
This is autumn rose, the autumn colorway for the Sundara Seasons Yarn Club.
I traded my winter sky for autumn rose, which is by far, much more my color!
Now for today's mail! This is pdy self-striping free verse sock yarn in jazz june. Doesn't this yarn look like something I’m already working on???
And look at this yarn!!! Don't they look so similar?? This is Madeline Tosh sock yarn in turquoise.
Here are both skeins laying together. You can't really see how close the colors are in this shot but IRL, they're nearly identical. It's crazy.
Here we have my first yarn order from fearless fibers, earthenware. This will definitely become a first of many. The yarn feels amazing and the colors are fantastic!
Lastly, we have some malabrigo baby laceweight in paris night. I've got a project in mind already but am not sure when I'm going to cast on for it. This is my first time using malabrigo too!


  1. soooo much nice yarn :D I just got my malabrigo in the mail yesterday, the little hank is almost too cute to knit!

  2. The slow month is an interesting idea. I often buy stuff I don't need to buy.

    All that yummy yarn! The two yarns do look nearly identical.

  3. Excellent yarn pics! How fun. And good for you guys for getting outside and hiking. That sounds wonderful...

  4. Yummmmmm. Persian food. It's my absolute favorite! And it's definitely true, about the full plates and not going back. My closest friend is persian and I learned that lesson in middle school - so different from the way my family eats.

    This slow month concept sounds pretty cool. I've been toying with that sort of idea myself - not in such concrete terms - unemployment tends to do that to a person. :-) Keep us updated about how it's going!

  5. Oh my gosh! Do you know how dangerous it is to post all that beautiful yarn and your gorgeous socks? I am green with envy! I love doing socks!!

  6. Your socks (both) are looking very fine indeed :)

    Lucky you getting all that new yarn and I am so jealous of you being able to have your own knitting room :)

    happy knitting :)

  7. Love those socks! And that new yarn - wow! Very pretty!

  8. Gorgeous yarn porn! Nice! Now you just need to knit more socks!


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