Monday, August 11, 2008

Back from my "blog vacation"

I've been wanting to tear my hair out because of one of my tutees and I haven't had a free moment to blog because I don't like blogging without having pictures to show off! I finally remembered to blog the Disney pictures and realized that not only does my fiance have Disney pics but he also has pics of my 2nd package from my sp on his camera!! She must think I suck. When honestly, it's the fact that my camera doesn't work via plug and play! :( As promised, here are some long-awaited pictures!
That's me. I actually think I look decent in this picture (and I don't think that of most of the pictures that are taken of me!!) I'm probably wondering, "Are we freakin' leaving yet??"

Are we there yet??

Hmmm...what am I going to eat when we get there??

" You be quiet!!"

Are we there yet??


  1. Looks like a fun car ride. Sometimes I wish I could sit back seat instead of driver! LOL

  2. Hehe, how cute. I love the one where it looks like you're being shushed.


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