Friday, August 29, 2008


Much to my dismay, I had to stay home from work today. I went in yesterday just like the doctor said I could and I was actually okay-aside from all the walking I had to do. In the span of maybe 5 minutes I had to walk a particular path at least 3 times. I was fine when I got home though. And aside from needing to go from point A to point B, I pretty much spent most of my time sitting with my foot propped up on a pillow. My coworkers made sure of that. Flash forward to this morning when my alarm went off at about 6:20 this morning. I usually wait a good 10 minutes before I roll out of bed. I finally got up, grabbed my crutches and I couldn't even hobble to the bathroom. I was in that much pain. My hands hurt from gripping my crutches. My muscles hurt from having to carry my own weight. My freakin' ankle hurt. I hurt everywhere. I didn't make it to the bathroom. I laid back down and cried in my fiance's arms! Big baby. :( He had wanted me to take some of my meds last night but I didn't want to take any of them because I wanted to be fresh for work today. He had me take a vicodin and sealed my faith for the rest of the day-bound to my bed. I thought I was going to die. I felt nauseous. I was dizzy. I couldn't even walk to the kitchen!! I had cramps. I finally got some food in this weak body of mine and started to feel better. My ankle is doing better though it's looking rather gruesome. So if you want to skip the pictures, this post is now officially over. If you want to see the current state of my ankle, scroll on down!
Here's an aerial view of my foot in all her glory. :(
Here's the back of my heel from the outside.
And the back of my heel from the inside.
Real nice, eh? The 'bruises' don't hurt though. (I'm serious!). Our Science teacher and our Dean of Students told me that it's scar tissue. And it's actually a good thing that it's purple. It means it's starting to heal. I'm supposed to massage the areas that are still numb to help get the blood flowing again. I did that yesterday and I bet that contributed to the sharp pain I felt this morning. That also is a good thing. When can I just walk on two feet already???


  1. Owie! Walking on crutches is really painful - I hope you feel better soon...and just think - more knitting time!

  2. Ouch! Feel better soon! Is that just a bad sprain?

  3. Mega suck. Relax for a while and have some ice cream!

  4. i hope things are feeling a little bit better by now? be sure to take it easy, though!

  5. Ouch Rhoda! Take care of yourself! That really does look painful! Hope you heal fast!

  6. Oh, my...I think you over did it on your first day back. Rest up and take good care of yourself. Sure hope you'll be feeling better and back to normal real soon :)

  7. rhoda, that looks so painful! how is it doing now?


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