Monday, September 22, 2008


Still around just not knitting too much. I'm in a bit of a knitting rut. I'm at a stand-still with my clapotis because I'm thinking maybe I need to tink back to the increase rows (and I'm in the midst of the straight rows). I was reading too many posts on the how do you pronounce clapotis? board on rav over the weekend and I got very worried. I don't want to have to purchase a new skein of that baby is on hold for now. My green gable--I had issues with the small size so I recast on for the medium and now I'm having that size is too big for me. :P I've been working on my vintage rose socks with my chuckanut drive yarn but meh..I'm not excited about it. I'm waiting for my needles that I ordered from knitpicks to start work on my lapping waves hat and then maybe the desire to knit will return...although I do have to say that I'm itching to cast on for a pair of mathematical equation socks for my fiance (sans the picot edging of course!). Oh, and there's a certain baby I need to start knitting for. Eek!!! I haven't taken the time out to figure out what to knit for the lil one. For sure I'm going to do a flower bib since finally someone I know is having a girl! And on top of this knitting funk is the ankle business. Can I tell you how annoying it is getting to be to have to see the doctor every single freakin' week??? Ugh. I don't know how much longer I can take of this. :P And not only am I going to see my doctor but I'm also making a second trip (for just might go up to three trips!!) to see the physical therapist. I'm now officially done with the aircast and have been given an ankle brace--you know the one that looks like it's a converse. I was told I could wear it with shoes. HA. If I wanted to stretch my shoes out, maybe. I was also given some prescription strength ibuprofren which I have to take THREE times a day!! Can I tell you that I get drowsy from one 800mg of that stuff and now they want me to take three (600mg each!) in a day?? I get that she wants the swelling to go down but I don't want to have any residual effects from downing so much ibuprofren. :P And then there's work. This whole ankle situation leaves me unable to be the active teacher and dilly dallyer that I am. So it sucks. And I can honestly say that there was a moment of depression on Friday. Call it a revelation if you will. Though Ren might call it my ankle talking (in other words, just plain crazy talk!). I'm currently unhappy with things at work. There. I said it. I love my school, I love what we strive to do but I miss having my own classroom. I miss having that power and that kind of say. With me having been out for so long during such a crucial time in the school year, my new partner had to just kind of do what she's used to when what she's used to is something I know I wouldn't ever do. So I've had to suck it up. We'll see how things go once I become more mobile. I've begun to make peace with the fact that I no longer do much in the classroom and just might take this as an opportunity to go back to school for an additional credential (in reading) but we'll see. I'm still in the thinking phase and should I follow throuh with these plans, I'd like to start in the winter. I'll keep you posted! Fingers crossed for a cheerier post next time.


  1. Sorry to hear that darn ankle is still giving you so much not good!! Sure hope things improve soon for you...ankle and spirit :)

  2. Sorry to hear that the ankle is still giving you problems - but hopefully it will heal well soon so you can go back to being more active.

  3. i'm reading this to learn more about what's going on at school for you. i can relate to missing having your own classroom. i know i will feel that way next year if i don't get hired on contract somewhere. i'm too much of a control freak. fortunately, kristi and i are a lot alike and are working well together right now. :) i say GO FOR IT regarding the reading cert. i am loving my classes for it and have realized that i really enjoy working with small groups so reading specialist is right up my alley. how long would it take for you to get that cert?

  4. Catching up on your blog today. Sorry to hear your ankle is still not 100%. (But maybe by now it is...)

    Have you picked up the Clap again or not yet?


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