Saturday, September 13, 2008

how to know when a spoiler knows you REALLY well

maybe even better than you know your own self!!! I received a HUGE package from my autumn swap pal and words cannot express how close I was to speechlessness when I took a gander at what she sent! So this is an ode to my autumn swap pal spoiler. :) 1. She sends you this in her first package to you: (probably also knowing that this is going to be the first thing you're going to want to open!!And inside...
how she knew I wanted to grow heirlooms next, I'll never know.
2. you also get this: when I pulled these out, the one that said 'salt-free' immediately jumped out at me and I thought...this person knows me good. (I know, I's supposed to read well but well just doesn't have that same emphasis as good does!
I can't wait to try them all out!!
3. She also somehow knew that your chocolate stash was running low and you were in dire need of some dark chocolate and sent you these: Hopefully I'll be able to wait to eat the hershey one because my fiance LOVES blueberries (but he's at work today..)
4. Now typically, I read the card first but that 'next year's garden' was screaming out, "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!" I was finally able to tear myself away from ogling at my yummy chocolate and find this: and on the inside of the card it said:
She literally sent me snow! I haven't tried it out yet but will soon.
5. She remembered that I'm a beginning cardmaker and sent me this: How she knew I've been needing to get back into my cardmaking, I don't know!
6. And finally, (yes, there's one more thing!!). She sent me some of this: a skein of claudia's handpainted in chocolate cherries. how she knew that I've always wanted this colorway ever since I first saw it, only the universe knows!
7. Ta-da! Here are all my fantastic goodies!! Thank you so much, autumn swap pal!!! I can't wait for my next package from you!


  1. wow- that got to you quick! I'm SO glad you liked everything! I was worried cuz it was my first swap...
    I totally wanted to keep the tomatoes for me- i went out the next day and got some for me!
    ~autumn pal

  2. Wow, that a great made out like a bandit! Enjoy :)

  3. What a great package! I heart chocolate cherry by Claudia's Handpainted, her stuff rocks!!! I can't wait to see what you make with it!

  4. That's an excellent swap package!


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