Sunday, September 7, 2008


Another weekend stuck at home. Not sure how much longer I can take of this...but it is helping (I think!). Okay, I've finally posted my new fo's on my other blog. Here's a pic I didn't post on my other blog or on ravelry. I cast on for a pair of bellatrix a couple of days ago but didn't like how it was knitting up. I hope to finish up my celtic cable heel socks (here's what the celtic cable heel actually looks like) and possibly focus on my green gable and my clap. Yes, I started working on my green gable again. I cast on for the Medium size this time so hopefully this will fit better than the Small was starting to! I have finally scheduled a follow-up appt. with a worker's comp. doc tomorrow afternoon so we'll see what this doctor says. Apparently this person is going to determine whether or not my injury was work-related. (does that make sense to anyone out there??) I just want to start some physical therapy already. Here's to hoping this person will actually be knowledgeable in the area of sprained ankles. My sister came over yesterday to help me do the laundry. We watched "Daddy's Little Girls" on tv and had Thai take-out for dinner. I leave you with a pic of some yarn I picked up while I was bed-ridden. It's veggie blooms by dk Knits. I got it in a trade with LambyKnits


  1. Love the hat and new sock! Beautiful yarn too! Good luck at the doctor...

  2. i hope your appointment went well! i really like that hat... the cables look really cool. : )

  3. Once again I'm really behind in my blog reading. Sure hope by now your ankle is much better! Good to see all your knitting you got done. One good thing about being bedridden ;)

    Take more reading to do...


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