Saturday, September 27, 2008

now i know what everyone was talking about

I've spent a good amount of my day (which has been spent in bed with my ankle elevated) on ravelry and now I truly know how addicting it can be. I've been playing afternoon scrabble, word association, and a couple other games on the remnants board which is now officially my favorite board to keep up with! lol. I'm considering casting on for a lace ribbon scarf (even though my ise6 pal gifted me with one!) and I know that I will definitely be casting on for my lapping waves hat--my needles finally came!!!!!!!


  1. Ravelry is addicting - one thing always leads to another!

  2. Oh, no your ankle is still bad!!!!We've got to get you all fixed up..real soon :)

    Ravelry is great, no doubt...I just wish I had more time to spend checking everything out I do not want to get laid up to do it though ;)

  3. Thanks for taking part in being my angel. Details here:


  4. Check out my just won an award :)

  5. Oh, I hear you...... Ravelry can be VERY addictive....!


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