Wednesday, September 3, 2008

just a lil note

I made it through the long weekend...and I managed to finish two projects (which will be photographed probably this weekend!). I also re-cast on for my green gable. let's hope I have enough yarn!! The ankle is healing. Now I'm just dealing with all this worker's comp. stuff. Everyone has advice and it's starting to get annoying. I'm also noticing how rude people are when there is a person on crutches walking around (maybe it's just around where I work!!!). Ugh. I actually walked today without my crutch! Though I'm finding that if I have my foot elevated for some time and then I try to get up and walk, I'm in massive pain. I'm hoping I can set up an appt. for a follow-up soon. I've met my future class but tomorrow is our real first day together. Thank goodness it's only a half day! We're going to have one doozy of a class. My partner and I already noticed how cliquey they are yesterday @ the picnic. Sigh..she had no idea what she was signing up for whereas I already knew. They're going to be a challenge but I already know they're gonna have their own special place in my heart by year's end. I've got my matches for the prge swap and the falling for ewe rav swap. I'm also wrapping up sp 12. I have yet to start shopping for my prge downstream pal or my falling for ewe pal! Ack. Better get crack-a-lackin! Be back on the weekend with pictures!!


  1. Geez, Massive pain still???? Sure hope it starts feeling much better...SOON :)

  2. i hope things keep improving with your ankle and that you get everything sorted out! good luck with the first day of school! (err, maybe you already had the first day? i hope it was good!!)

  3. Get well soon! I was in a cast/on crutches for a full year once (3 separate injuries) and it's no fun trying to get around.

    I'll be getting your final package out soon!

    ~SP 12 partner

  4. Glad your ankle is improving - and good luck on your first day!

  5. Hope your foot feels better soon.

    I also hope you enjoyed SP12 as much as I did!

    On a side note, how do you do your sidebar so it shows your fave blogs you like - but then their last update?? tell me please!


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