Thursday, September 11, 2008


When it rains, it pours and I always love when it pours yarn! :) Today, was the mail day I had been waiting for! My sp12 spoiler revealed herself to me, I received an order from fearless fibers, and I finally got the August Sock Club kit from Robyn's Nest! So first and foremost, thank you so very much, Timiae for spoiling me this sp12 round! Here's most of what was in my final package: Timiae sent me a skein of some kp bare (which was sooooooo unbelievably soft!!), 2 skeins of lorna's laces sheperd sock in argyle which are destined to be socks for my fiance, some Easter eg tabs to dye my bare, and do you see that frame?? She does woodburning and there are calla lilies on that frame! The picture I took earlier didn't do this frame justice so when I get a chance I will post a better pic so everyone can marvel at its beauty. [Here's the pic!] She also sent a button with the instructions for the kitchener stitch (which I couldn't find when I was taking the pic!!). How she knew that I always have to go find my stitch n' bitch book where I have kitchener bookmarked when I have to do the kitchener stitch, I don't know. She's a genius! ;) Thank you soooooooo very much, Timiae!!!! Now, my fearless fiber order, I can only show you one of the skeins because the other one is for a downstream pal in one of the fall swaps I'm doing. I can't remember the name of the colorway but I just remembered (prior to ordering this skein!) that I didn't really have much red or even slightly solid red fingering weight yarn. This could make a lovely shawl (well a small one). We'll see. It's gorgeous and feels like buttah. ;) Now my final package was the August Sock kit from Robyn's Nest. Robyn designed this kit's pattern, and it is so freakin' cool! It is called mathematical equation and the cute part is the colorway for the yarn that comes with the kit is called E=MC(squared). The picture does not do the color of the yarn justice though! Now for some life stuff. Today sucked. Yesterday did too (well, last night). I can't deal with having a sprained ankle for much longer. My fiance suggested I drink an entire bottle of wine last night to numb the pain and sadness I was feeling. I dunno. I just hate that I can't walk around my classroom so much to see what everyone is up to, I can't be outside for very long at drop-off (or even pick-up!) because I can't stand for very long. I'm feeling like I'm not able to really connect with my kids or their parents and it bugs me to no end. I also hate not being able to go up and down the stairs (quickly!) to visit my buddy, our admin. asst!! I miss just leaving the classroom and going to chat with her whenever I feel like it. I can't do that with this bum ankle. :( I'm due for yet another follow-up appt. The doctor I saw on Monday (whom I LOVE!) wants to see me again and she recommended physical therapy for me. I finally got the okay and will be calling to schedule my sessions at some point tomorrow. My ankle is still a bit swollen (yeah, can you believe it???). It's the residual swelling I guess--kind of like those last few lingering pounds one's trying to lose when they're on a diet (not like I'd know anything about that because I have yet to go on a diet!) and they won't disappear! I didn't do much in class today because I had my ankle propped up on a chair. And during lunch-I was sitting on a bunch of pillows knitting away on a new pair of socks! I cast on for the vintage rose socks (again) and so far so good. I'm trying to ignore all the pooling of the yarn, but it's difficult. The pattern is pretty easy and the sock is knitting up quickly! Oh, I finished the celtic cable socks! I love them. Everyone needs to make themselves a pair of anklets. They're fantastic--especially when you have to wear an aircast and have learned that the cast fits better when you're wearing socks! I wore them to work today. It's the first time I've ever worn my handknit socks in public. The foot that can actually still fit a shoe felt a bit snug but it was okay. I'm going to wear my sweetheart socks to school tomorrow. :) Maybe they'll keep me in a good mood!


  1. I really like how that yarn is pooling. Pooling keeps me interested!

    Love those cable socks. They make good clog socks!!

    You sure have lots of yarny goodness...enjoy!

    Keep taking good care of yourself. Sure hope the healing process will speed up for you. I'll keep you in my prayers :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you like the package! It got there quick... I wasn't expecting it to get there until today or Monday!

  3. look at all that yarn! lucky duck! your anklets look great, too. i really like anklets (and may have a pair finished in the next few days!). : )

  4. Great SP package! WOW! Look at that etched (right word?) frame? It's gorgeous! I think I saw on her blog that she did it herself?

    Can't wait to see your Mathematical Equation. And I'm loving my Jan kit knitted up! Great color!


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