Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a sigh of relief

It has been rather hectic this life of mine so much so that I haven't really had time to knit. I've been squeezing in knitting time late at night while listening to reruns of "What I Like About You" which remind me of the super hot summers we had when we were still in LA. I can recall sweating while knitting and watching "What I Like About You."

I had an interview today afterschool for the one summer job I have applied for (so far). It seems pretty cool but they won't know how many children will sign up for the summer program till next week. Should they get enough kids to sign up (they need only 5!), then we're in business and I'll officially have a summer job from June 27-August 5. It's a cool facility and I'm already excited about the possibilities. Tomorrow, the hubs and I are going to check out a temp agency that is within walking distance of our place and see if we get any leads there.

Our rent was intended to go up as of today. In fact, if we had decided to remain here and just pay month to month, our rent would practically double. Fortunately, the hubs was able to stop into the office while the big boss was in town (she isn't local apparently) and got to talking to her. It turns out that our pending rent increase shouldn't take effect for another 60 days (as opposed to...oh, two weeks notice!). By signing on for another year (yes, you read correctly!) rather than deal with the double increase, our rent would only go up by about $400 (yes, I said only) a month. I'm just glad the
change isn't an immediate one. By August, hopefully things will have improved (at least a teeny bit!) for us financially.

One minor financial celebration is that we will get raises for the upcoming school year. Here I thought my school didn't ever give raises and now I've been proven wrong. Let's hope it becomes a regular

School is over in 11 days!!! It is going to fly right by especially with Boxland the last three days of next week, our beach field trip on the 13th and a schoolwide picnic on the last day of school. I hope to be able to post some stuff about Boxland next week.

There has been knitting but no pictures. My scarf is laying about. I cast on for a new shawl (a tricky one in fact). No pics yet. I haven't gotten very far (at least not in my eyes). Letter writing and book reading have both fallen by the wayside. I'm thinking once school is off my brain, I'll be able to re-focus on those two things that I really should be doing because they do contribute to a balanced state of mind (at least for me!).

A friend of mine has filled me in on a new 30 day challenge that has just begun. It is the 30 day photo challenge hosted by White Peach Photography. Check it out! I will not be participating as some of the things require some knowledge of photography. lol. I just point, check my lighting, and shoot.

Want to learn how to make giant bubbles?? (I definitely do!) Check out this tutorial. :) And for an awesome sponge relay game that I intend to try with my students, check out this link!

We have officially been living in our apt. for a year (and a few days). Soon it'll be at least a year since I spoke to the non-parents. My life has been stress-free (believe it or not!) without them impinging and throwing all their negativity around and in my face. Though I do get to watch my sister deal with it when she is in town. She doesn't cope well. She has already decided that she will not be able to settle too close to the hubs and I (once she's done with school and all) because the rest of the family would be too nearby. She prefers having the physical distance between them. They wouldn't ever think to fly out and visit her (or drive to visit her for that matter). Isn't that sad?


  1. oh my word... we have been friends for about a year now! I remember we were both moving last year when we met lol. ((hugs))

  2. I threw a fit when my rent went up $100. Wow! $400. Unfortunately, with so many people being forclosed, the renters have a lot of business.

  3. Ug so know about family negativity and guilt thrown at you....

    Hope you get your summer job!

  4. You have heaps going on! I am praying for you, hoping you get the Summer job, that your finances improve and by some major miracle they dont increase your rent by so much!

  5. A year already, wow. I whinged when our rent went up 50.00, going off to be grateful now...

  6. I am shocked at a 400 dollar increase. That seems so unfair. But I think another reader said it best ... They have plenty of renters so they can charge what they want. Glad you were able to find a summer job.

  7. Wow, a year already!?? Why is your rent going up that much per month? That's insane! Did you know that was coming?

    Hope you get 5 kids to sign up - that will be a nice summer job.

    Can't wait to see some knitting progress pics.

    I understand about wanting physical distance between family. TOTALLY get it. Except for me, it's different that you guys, yet resulting the same feelings.

    Yey on the raise! That's awesome girl!

  8. I had a hissy fit when my rent increased $100. I am keeping my mouth shut now. Congrats on the raise and fingers crossed on the new job prospects!!


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