Monday, June 13, 2011

where shall I even begin?

Boxland came and went. I forgot my camera on days 2 and 3. Though by day 3, a lot of the businesses were closing up early. I had eggo waffles with syrup, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries for breakfast. lol. My favorite store had shut down. I was super bummed. The kids who ran that store were surprised that they were my favorite store. I learned later that the kid in charge of that store did all the baking himself (and everything was AWESOME, hence it being my favorite!). Oh well. Not sure if he's graduating this year but here's to hoping he opens up shop again for next year. We bought lots more rocks. No pics of them (yet) though.

Saturday, the hubs and I were invited to our second birthday party of the school year. This party was on a ranch so I rode my first horse ever. Here's the horse I got to ride. My student's dad said he'd walk the horse with me on it. I didn't even want to get on!! The hubs went for a lil ride and when he came back, he said I was definitely getting on because the horse was so docile.
There I am on the horse!
Here are more pictures from the ranch:
 The stable.
 Some goats.
Same goats..hoping I'll give them some more feed. 

Today, was our beach field trip. I didn't take many pictures as I was busy enjoying being at the beach. :)
I am so unbelievably exhausted! The kids had a blast and the teachers did too. While laying on the beach (literally) I was trying to figure out how we could hold school on the beach on a regular basis. ;) What do you think?

And now for some knitting.
 a nice finished shot of snow
blocked shots of trouble (which was only really trouble for the first few rows!)
I haven't cast on for anything new (though I really wanted to yesterday). I'm still searching for the right project.
One more full day of school! It doesn't even feel like school is going to be over. I can't wait to sleep in and knit all day and all night.


  1. Oh snow is so so pretty! It might be my fav now, and yay for you getting on the horse!!! I LOVE horses!

  2. Love your finished objects. Horse riding isn't so bad, but it can be intimidating if you haven't done it before. You look like an old pro now.

  3. Such a beautiful horse. Glad you got to ride! The ranch looks so awesome too. Nice work on your shawls :)

  4. What a fun party! And how great that your students love you enough to invite you to such things. You must be a very special teacher :)

  5. What a fun field trip! The Pacific looks just like the Atlantic here on my side (except bluer). Also, great work on the shawls! They're beautiful!

  6. Both knitting projects look awesome. Do you keep most of these for you, or give them away?

    I haven't been horse back riding in years. I've only done it a handful of times. Did you have a good time? What did you think?

    Ahh, I'm dying to go to a beach, you must have great access to beaches being in CA!


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