Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i heart pandora

It's what helps get me through these narratives that I have to do. Note to self: Don't wait until after school is over to begin working on them. They suck even more when you're supposed to be on 'summer vacation!' Plus I don't remember as much because my mind is already moving onto the upcoming school year.  I am chugging along though. I am making myself do the social and emotional development portions. My plan of attack this time is different from when I did my narratives over winter break. This time, I'm making myself go alphabetical. Why am I torturing myself this way? I have more data to talk about so I had to organize it in some way! I need to get them all done by next Monday-that's the projected mail date. How close am I? Not very. Too distracted. Too many blogs to read. Too many emails to comb through. Too much tv to watch when I should be typing up narratives!
While I've been avoiding my narratives, my boss had her retirement party and I finished my scarf. The retirement party was held at an adult day health care center. The location alone of the place was weird because we all know the center is in what used to be a Circuit City!
I was mesmerized by the murals and the decor. 
The place is huge!
By the waterfall!
The retiree speaking. :)
The hubs and I, in front of the indoor waterfall!
And my finished scarf.

I still find it too girly for me. lol. We'll see once I actually get to wear it. :)
I received some surprise yarn too. :)
Okay, back to my narratives.


  1. Ok...really? How cute are you and "the hubs" lol That yarn you received is just beautiful! I am having a bit of an off day and feeling unmotivated and struggling a bit. Maybe I will try sitting down and writing a letter instead of the usual sewing or computer crap. :P Wish me luck!

  2. That adult day health center looks crazy huge! Indoor waterfall?? Cute picture of you & the hubs. I think the scarf looks great, and yay for surprise yarn. :)

  3. That was an interesting place for a party! Your scarf turned out great...too girly? Not really ;)
    You two are so cute together :)

  4. Gorgeous surprise yarn!! That pic of your hubby and you is just way too cute~ Love it. FRAME IT! Really!

    Cute scarf - what pattern is that? You never link patterns anymore, LOL.

    Did only one person retire this year?

    Did you finish every single one of your narratives?

  5. I'm just stopping by to say hi. Your blog is one of the ones I never got to during the A-Z Challenge.

  6. I really love the scarf, it is a great pattern for that color. What is the pattern called?

  7. Awww what a nice picture of you two. I love, love the scarf. The color is adorable.


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