Friday, June 17, 2011

the hubs

Last night we went to the opening of an exhibit here in town. My bosses were going to be there as well as my teaching partner and one of the moms from school. I ran into my sixth grade teacher there who is now a county supervisor. He said hi to me! I saw him first and didn't think he'd recognize me. I forgot that they make everyone (mostly) put on a name tag. There aren't many Filipino girls with my same name running around here. I also ran into a few other people I knew through my work at my school. It was sort of surreal. I can tell you that when I taught in LA, I highly doubt that I'd run into people at events such as the one we attended so it was nice. I liked the feeling of being 'known.' My boss who is retiring this year is the one who knows everyone so she was introducing me to a few people and adding that now that I'm at her school, she can retire. (talk about making a girl blush!)
Well, amidst all the madness (yes, it was madness. the place was packed and the food was super delish!), the hubs got photographed for one of the local papers.
teehee. There was a couple of sections in the exhibit where you were allowed to touch stuff and this was one of the things. The photographer told the hubs that he was going to put him in the paper but we didn't know he'd be on the front page. What a surprise it was to see him on the front page as we were checking out at one of the markets. It was a funny way to start the day. :)We showed my teaching partner and the office manager at school. Not sure if my boss saw it yet. I tried to call my sister about it but she wasn't answering so I texted her and she said she saw it already! She gets the online version of the paper sent to her email. Funny.


  1. Cool photo! You'll have to frame that front page of the newspaper :)

  2. That is awesome!! Don't let him let being famous go to his head ;) lol

  3. That's cool that he got to be in the paper! Sounds like it was a fun outing!

    How fun to run into old teachers! I haven't run into any of mine in ages.


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