Thursday, September 20, 2007

my first sp 11 package!

When I got home yesterday after school, a package from my sp was waiting for me! :) Here's what was inside:I received a skein of some tofutsies sock yarn, a cool knitting needle inventory, some yummy dark chocolate which is still waiting to be eaten, two skeins of some debbie bliss cashmerino aran, a denise kit (!!!!!!!!!) and the coolest thing of all are the circs in the bottom right corner. They're stretchy circular needles made specifically for socks! I had never even seen stretchy circs until yesterday! What an awesome creating. I'm super excited about the denise kit as well!! So, to my sp, thank you sooooooooooo very much for all the goodies! :)


  1. I'm glad you liked everything. Your SP

  2. Wow! That's one high-end gift box! I don't even get that much good stuff from people I KNOW! LOL! :) I've never seen stretchy circs. What brand are they?

  3. I ordered those Stretchy Circs for my shop - I should have them soon! Have you used them yet - how are they?


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