Friday, September 14, 2007

Second Chewy Spaghetti Shipment

Now, I know Sarah has yet to see what she received..but I don't know if she's reading my blog while she's at her parents' place. Some sad news--I didn't get to take Sarah to any cool yarn shops while she was out here. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well. Hope you're feeling better now!'s what was in my second shipment: The soap is super cute. I love the little mints we received (though I have yet to have any!) and the sample of soak! This colorway is pretty. It is called Alluring. It's going to be even prettier all wound up. :)
Now next month, I should be receiving three sock club yarns--I signed up for a new one today. Shame on me, I know. I couldn't help it! I signed up for the tvyarn sock club. Jana is a sweetheart and after getting a look @ the 'Thelma & Louise' colorway, I'm regretting not having signed up sooner!


  1. Your alluring yarn is VERY alluring ;)

    Hope you have better commuting next week!

  2. Pretty! You sure get some nice packages! Another sock club, LOL!

    Can't wait to see what you get!

  3. I'm still sad I had to cancel :( Stupid stomach!

    Lucky you, my sheep was obliterated.


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