Saturday, September 15, 2007


I made it back in to the yarn pirate's booty club. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! And since I'm technically a 'new' member, I just might receive some US Sizes 1 & 2 24-inch Hot-Pink Aluminum Yarn Pirate Circular Needles since Georgia just learned magic loop. :) Gosh, I was worried for nothing. Good thing I didn't have anyplace important to be! Now I can recommence working on my eyelet cardigan. :)


  1. That's good that you got back in. Your Robyn's Nest Club kit is mailing on Monday! I am so excited to get them out in the mail! If you are looking for more swag, I have to say the October kit is very "fall" colors and is GORGEOUS! I am sooo ordering one for myself. There are just a few spots left, better go nab one! LOL

  2. When I got home from CA I was worried I'd been overcharged when I saw the paypal payment to YP, I was pleasently surprised to see I'd just automatically renewd the yarn club for another month. I hadn't planned to renew but I guess I'll stick with it ;)


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