Saturday, September 15, 2007

the unveil

I finally took the time to take a couple of pics of what my eyelet cardi is looking like these days. I finished the first sleeve this morning and will get started on the second sleeve after some tooling around online (well, at least until I've signed up for the second round of the booty club!).
I really like the look of it. Here's to hoping it looks good on as well! After I finish the second sleeve, I will have some seaming to do and then I'll have to finish the neckband and button band. :)
Have you seen the latest issue of Yarnival? I stumbled upon this darling pattern which I hope to pick up some yarn for super, super soon! It is knitted in one piece too!!
By the way, did you know that ISE5 sign-ups are under way? I'm still on the fence about signing up for this round. I'm not feelin' it like I was last time around. Maybe next time!


  1. It's looking great! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. ooh, that looks great! looks like you'll have it finished in no time. : )

  3. that is adorable! and oh my! that Ophelia is gorgeous. What is Yarnival? Another party I've been missing?

  4. You eyelet cardi looks wonderful. Hope the rest goes smoothly for you :)

    happy knitting :)

  5. Did you see? My story got in the Yarnival!! I guess I'm "published" now!

    I'm passing on ISE this time, too. I had a few partner woes, and I'm not ready for that whole hassle again so soon! Besides, the scarves are due right around Christmas this time---bad.

  6. That is going to be adorable! The yarnival pattern is so cute, too! I love knitting in one piece!

  7. Lovely!

    I was going to sign up for ISE5 when I heard abtou it last night, but I think I'll sit this round out since I'm doing the Ravelry scarf exchange.

  8. that is a gorgeous sweater. I LOVE eyelet ribbing.


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