Wednesday, July 16, 2008

on a blogging roll!

Yesterday, while I was checking out my garden and cleaning out leaves that needed to be disposed of, I did a bad thing. I plucked off two basil leaves (which felt fuzzy underneath) and look what I found!!! Those suckers ate up one of my tomato plants and one of my basil plants. I think they're going to turn into moths. I have to figure out if I've already killed them though. :P Today, this is what I noticed on my biggest tomato plant! Do you see what I saw??? It was really hard to get a good shot. It's the start of a tomato!!!
And here's what my peppers have been looking like.
Over the weekend, I decided it was time to get a laptop--one that my fiance and I could share (particularly while we were house sitting) because the laptop he uses now is a bit old. For some reason, I thought only macs had built-in wireless so we got a macbook! Meet Sylvia. :) I have a mac at school and when I went to pick some stuff up for tutoring last week, I discovered that I have been given the brand new imac. :) Talk about being spoiled. Apple Stores are currently the worse place to try to go right now though-with everyone wanting to get the new iphone. We ended up getting Sylvia at Best Buy.
Here's my green gable so far. I messed up on the lace so I frogged a few rows and redid that section. I'm much happier with it. I hope to finish it at least within the next couple of weeks. I might actually get to wear this one since it's cotton!
I received some new yarn. I know, I'm supposed to be broke but I keep spending!! (Wait until you see what else I've ordered!!!) This is fig tart from yarn love.
This is sleeping beauty.


  1. Ooh, yucky bugs! I'd have killed them, too. I love the fig tart yarn. Very pretty!!

  2. The Green Gable color is gorgeous! I knit that pattern with Hempathy and it came out wonderfully cool for summer, but I like your color of cotton better! :)

  3. isn't it exciting to grow plants?! i took a veggie gardening class at school a few years back. very satisfying. : )

  4. Nice new computer!!!

    Nice stash enhancement too!!


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