Friday, July 25, 2008

still breathing

No pics for this post because I'd have to install my camera software onto sylvia and I don't have the software with me. Maybe over the weekend I can upload my pics onto my desktop and add to this post! Well, we are about to complete our first week of house sitting. I think the dogs miss having the lil munchkin around. My brother and his family came to visit when we started house sitting. By the time they left, I was all familied out! I don't think I'll be making a trip home next month after all but we'll see. We took her to Disneyland and she got to visit my school and the local park here and we took them to the Promenade. They didn't get to see much more because they would sleep so freakin' late!! There's been little knitting here with the fam having been in town but I plan to make up for that today. I'm going to just relax, catch up on blogs, veg, and knit!


  1. Sounds like you need lots of peace and quiet this weekend to relax, rest and recoup....have a nice weekend :)


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