Sunday, July 13, 2008

some pics!

We are back from our 'trial run' at the house we'll be taking care of and I have to say, we totally feel as though we were on a vacation!! Here are a bunch of pics I took yesterday upon arrival. No pics of the garden yet. But I did take advantage of the garden and had some fresh strawberries and blueberries with my breakfast. Talk about being spoiled! These are the steps you go down once you get through the front entrance before getting to the house.
This is the fountain that is out in the front courtyard/entryway before you get to the front door. 
Here's the kitchen. 
The deck. 
Back view of the house (bad shot!!)
Steps leading to the middle level of the yard which should be called the vineyard. 
Another shot of the vineyard.
And this is Tuck. :) Bad shot of him too. 
The following pictures are of my apt. garden which will somehow be traveling with us to the house we'll be staying at! Here's some mini-bells, a tomato (and basil), and another mini bell. 
Some rosemary, tomatoes, and two more mini-bells. 
Here's the flower portion of our garden (mixed in with more basil and tomatoes!).
A close-up of one of my celosias
Our petunias...which actually photographed brighter than they truly are!
And a final shot of another one of our celosias.  We had the other colors too (pink, yellow, and orange) but the red ones are the ones that held up! 


  1. What a gorgeous house! It'll be fun to vacation there!

  2. That house is beautiful! Wow! Sure must be like a vacation!

    Your garden is looking fab! Wow! I can't wait for things to sprout for you!

  3. Have a great time. That house is gorgeous!

  4. Very nice! Who wouldn't want to live there? It will be hard for you to leave it....
    Enjoy it while you can :)

  5. wow, what a gorgeous place! i love those stairs...


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