Sunday, July 27, 2008

an update

We are at our place for a bit so I can blog with pictures!!! Here's how the apt. garden is looking so far...
roma tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

a cluster of cherry tomatoes (squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)

a lil mini-bell pepper

a couple more mini bells
one freshly bathed munchkin
one cranky pants punk rockin' looking munchkin that just woke up from a lil snooze.
a monkey on my back

Disneyland pics to come! They're on my fiance's camera and thankfully, his camera is plug and play and the pics are already uploaded onto the laptop at the house. :)


  1. Great apartment garden...there is nothing better than home grown tomatoes :)

    What a face on you little munchkin...hope she cheered up one she was fully awake :)

  2. Love the garden! And the cranky baby face made me laugh - too cute!

  3. The garden looks great! You'll have veggies in no time!

  4. I see you have a clapotis in the works! I am a righty but will work mirror image (they say true lefty) when there's a lot of st. stitch, like in the clapotis! I finished one of those beauties with as few purls as possible by kniting back and forth with the front facing only! I'm probably a knitting heritic but it was great fun that way.

    May I ask if you knit to the right in lefty mode? It's kind of a thing with me. My hubby is a south paw and it's sometimes hard to watch him try to juggle right and left all the time. I also have a LHed friend trying to knit as a righty. Can't she just go her own way?

    Well, thank you for your time,

    Pam Murphy

  5. i had to come over here to find out what you are up to these days. i see that the munchkin is at it again! ha! she is too adorable and i still can't believe that she is so big! miss you!!


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