Sunday, August 16, 2009

life and knitting

Let's see..the last you heard from you, things weren't so good. They're still not so good but they're better than the last post. We went to see my MIL at the hospital and she seemed okay. She was awake and talked to us for a while but she was tired--so we let her rest. Thank you to everyone for their prayers, well wishes, etc. It's helping. I did my phone interview Friday morning. It turned out to be a panel of 5 women. I felt even worse knowing that I had to cancel on a whole panel! What was nice was when the director of the school first phoned, she asked how my MIL was. I think it went well despite the fact that they don't have a face to my name/voice. They're going to decide early this week so we'll see. I got brave and called the district school I interviewed with last Friday. I hadn't heard from them yet and I had seen that they reposted the position I interviewed for so that made me worry. I was not being offered the position but I did ask if the principal could give me some feedback on my interview and how I could improve for future interviews. I wish I had started doing this in the beginning! I don't think I would've had to go through so many interviews if I had known how to do it right in the first place. Oh well. Now I am all the wiser. Okay, onto the knitting! After the third time of trying to pick up and knit the collar band, I finally got it!
And now all the knitting is complete!!
Here's the collarband. :)
Now I just need to block it and sew in a button! This finish was a long time coming..a lot of tedious stockinette and even more tedious ribbing! I learned how to do a collarband though and that was actually cool! I impressed myself with my knitting skills. Now let's just hope after it's blocked and has a button that it'll fit my sister! I think it's going to be awhile before I take on another sweater..but if that while comes sooner than I thought it would, it will most likely be a lightweight sweater. This sucker got to be SO heavy and such a pain to take out of my knitting bag.
Since I had 2 skeins of the blue sky alpaca leftover, I decided to cast on for the ribbed lace bolero. I finished the last of theribbing this morning. So here's the beginnings of the lace pattern:Oh, I also managed to take some better shots of my wedding shawl and my ishbel! This was the best shot I could take of my wedding shawl (for now!). I wore it when we went to see my MIL but I didn't get a shot of me in it. Next time.
And here's ishbel.
Ack! I nearly forgot the main reason why I wanted to post! I wanted to share this really yummy cookie recipe I found: dark chocolate toblerone cookies.


  1. Mmmm cookies.

    Glad to hear that your MIL is doing better.

    Great knitting projects. The collar band looks great!

    When you asked for the critique on your interview, did she tell you how to improve? Was it constructive and helpful to you? Hope she wasn't mean to you.

  2. Very nice knitting! and I love the denim background photo!

  3. Glad you MIL is holding her own. Hope and pray she continues to improve. All of your knitting is wonderful! You did a fabulous job on your sweater neckband...very should be very proud of yourself :)

  4. I'm glad your MIL is doing better and hope she continues to improve.

    Beautiful knitting - love the shawls, and the sweater is gorgeous!

    Interview feedback is a great idea - hopefully she gave you something constructive.

  5. i hope things have been going well on the interview front and on the knitting front. sorry it's been so long since i commented!


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