Thursday, August 13, 2009


I needed to vent. So here I am. Remember the interview I thought I had for this morning? Well, the woman called me this morning and left a vm and when I called her back (which was at 10am, the time of our unconfirmed interview), she made some comment about how she guessed I wasn't going to be coming in for my interview today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I responded with how she hadn't returned my call providing me with the address for our interview. Anyway, we're still in the process of rescheduling. SO annoying. Do I really have to go through more of this interview torture?? Can't someone just hire me already? I find out tomorrow about the position I interviewed for last Friday. I don't think I got it but I actually could care less. I sent a few resumes out yesterday so we'll see. And I may have found another path that I can take with my career. I saw something on educational therapy that looks interesting to me. It would require me to go back to school (which I had been thinking about anyway) but who knows. I noticed that the school with the overbearing director that kept saying she didn't know if I could commit to being around for 2 years is still looking to fill all their positions. Soon I just might enter the land of desperation..if a position with a livable wage doesn't pop up. I hope it doesn't come to that. No knitting to show off since the button band situation scared me off a bit but I'll be ready for battle again today and this time I'm armed with: I'm SO thankful that I have this book. It has got great pictures. I looked through a few other books to guide me through the picking up the stitches for a button band process but the pictures weren't as telling as the ones in this book. Now I've done a couple of button bands before but this time around, I actually encountered some difficulty and I want this cardi to come out right. Now I bid you adieu, with this great swinging stripe cardi! Ravelry is SO addicting!


  1. Good to know about that book...that is if I ever give another sweater a's tempting :)

    I think working on your sweater will help to keep you occupied while you wait for everything to come together.
    I'm positive it will all work out, you just have to be patient! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!

    P.S. "n" is giving "k" a ring tomorrow...couldn't say anything on my blog because it's a surprise!! I'm excited - can you tell? :)

  2. I hate the interview process as well. If she is this disorganized you may not want to work there anyway.

  3. I hope you finally get a job (or interviews with set times and addresses to go with them). You shouldn't have to be going through all this crap. I'm thinking of you!

    Nice striped sweater!

    I'm definitely going to look into that book!


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