Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, we drove up late yesterday afternoon for an interview I was scheduled to have this morning in Marin. The interview was short but went really well and the principal mentioned a few other possible options to me (other than the position I had interviewed for). We've been hanging around here waiting for her to call back which she did and they offerered the position to someone who was already on staff but she does want me to keep in touch if I haven't found a permanent position because there will be some long-term sub positions that will be opening up in the next few months. We were SO close. The place I did a phone interview for called while we were en route to the aforementioned interview and I lost the woman while we were going through a tunnel and she thought I had hung up on her. She started to say "I wanted to thank you for interviewing with us (and then I lost her)! I knew she was calling to say thanks but no thanks. Oh well. I was kind of preparing myself for not having a full-time teaching position for this school year. It's no big deal..but now the worry is moving. I know that we'll still try to live within reasonable distance of where we are right now but without a job, it's going to be tough. I brought my shrug to work on and I'm nearly finished with the first skein of yarn and I didn't bring the second one because I didn't think we'd be up here for very long. I also brought my vintage rose sock to work on..I'm onto the gusset so it should be finished soon. I've been contemplating another cardi too..but not with such heavy yarn! That'll have to wait until a steady job appears.


  1. I'm so sorry - that's really tough. I hope that things turn around for you very soon.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that! The good news is that commuting to (and within) Marin is a pain. I used to work at Dominican University and hated the commute!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this...hoping for some better luck to come your way....the right one is just around the corner! I'm not one for patience either and always have to work on it!:) Take care hon!

  4. So sorry :( I'm sure something will turn up soon. In the meantime hope your move goes easily. A move is a job in itself!

    How's your MIL doing?...hope much better :)

  5. I hope you do find some kind of employment for this year. Hopefully you can find something more permanent for next school year. Could you maybe sub and get your foot in the door with the new area you'll be moving to? That works out here, you can start out by subbing to get your foot in the door.


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