Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, just as I had said that I didn't have anything lined up yet for this week, someone called to schedule an interview for this Thursday and it is with a school district! I hope I can line up a couple more interviews just to kind of ensure that something will pan out and while we're up there maybe we'll actually start looking at apts. and such. Pinkie is blocking and something blue is gonna be finished very soon, I think! The sleeves go by faster than I thought. I'm still on the first one but I'm ready to start the ribbing. My sister tried it on when she came over and it's actually a good fit! I'm a proud knitter. :) Gosh, what will I work on when I go up north again? I suppose I can pick up the vintage rose socks again and once those are complete, maybe I'll recast on for my crack socks. As promised, here is the email from the flower lady. My sister knew of the flower lady via one of the lawyers at the firm she works at. I had craZy huge weddings back to back. Then I was hit at four in the morning by a drunk driver a week ago. I was in the car and not hurt. But ins co wants to total the car..yuck. I love my car:: boo hoo,! He was also a hit and run in front of the police. Coming off the highland offramp by hollywood bowl!! I feel so bad about m's sister. I was going to call m next week. I made the most beautiful flowers for really inexpensive. I was more pissed at her sisters coordinator. She calls me at 1:30am on the wedding day. And said to get their when I can. I told her we would b e there by 2:45. She then said the wedding was supposed to start then. All the emails and communication I had from them was that I had until mid afternoon to deliver them. The coordinator started squaking at me and I told her that I do this for a career and my company motto is not to stand up brides on their wedding day. And no one ever confirmed with me the wedding started at 2 sharp. It was always very loose timing. Also her sister had sent in an email to not get their before 1;30 as there was no one there to receiv e them. I told the coordinator this and asked her why she never confirmed with a timeline before the afternoon of the wedding. Etc etc. She said she wasn't a coordinator but a friend of the bride. Sooo we were out front of the japanese tea garden and she wouldn't take the flowers. So I threw in the garb age. So sad. If they had just sent me a time line like I asked they would have had beautiful bouquets. Anyway. I didn't want m to be mad at me either. Or you. The truth? No one associated with my wedding ever called her at 1:30 in the morning. My friend said that if anything, she accidentally called the flower lady (by accident!) at 9:30pm once. The last time she was ever up at 1:30 in the morning was when her daughter was still an infant. She was told to get to the site by 1:30pm the LATEST and that yes, I was not going to be available to receive the flowers but my friend would be around as would my sister. She also forgot to say in this email that the flowers were refused because she expected to still get paid when she was LATE. My poor friend wanted to kill this woman when she saw this email. Thank goodness she doesn't know what the flower lady looks like! Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away earlier this morning. And on the 'Today' show Alana Stewart was on talking about the book she wrote with Farrah Fawcett about her struggles with cancer. I'm beginning to realize that people we've looked up to are starting to pass on and I'm wondering who do we have left to look up to?


  1. Good luck with that new interview!!

    Also, you are right, those that we look up to are dying... our poor children do not have many positive role models... which YIKES puts more pressure on me as a parent! ha ha And as a teacher, right?

  2. Is that Maria Shriver's mom?

    Crazy flower lady! That's insane. Does she know where you live?? Does she still want to get paid?


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