Saturday, July 17, 2010

cupcake battle

We came, we saw, and were conquered by mere cupcakes. I left with a sugar headache and feeling as though I needed to puke!
Introducing the cupcakes..
These were called Dark Dizny. We didn't have try any of these cupcakes.
These were too pretty to eat! They had a raspberry filling and I tasted a bit of lemon. It was also one of the last ones we tried to eat.
I loved the hearts! These were espresso flavored. I only had a little sliver of this one.
These were yummy!! I loved the cake part-didn't taste the frosting though. This might've been cupcake number 2 for me already. The special ingredient was pepsi!
These were hands down my absolute favorite. The frosting was strawberrylicious combined with the cake, these were awesome. These got two prizes!
We loved the tier for these cupcakes. I think they had some coconut action going on so I stayed away.
We loved the decor of these being the Star Wars fans that we are, but we didn't have any of them! They were a chocolate vegan cake with peanut butter frosting.
 These were super cool. It was a family who made these. It was also the first cupcake that I ate and probably the one that did me in! lol.
These were made by a couple that used to own a bakery in town. There was some coconut action going on here too..
 These were totally awesome. They were a late entry so I'm not sure if they were even allowed to participate in the voting. We had a drumstick. I think that's what put the nail on my sugar overload coffin! The cake? A brownie!! Talk about genius.
Unfortunately, I somehow did not get a picture of the breakfast cupcakes that were there. I loved the holder they were in too! These were a spicey cake with maple frosting and applewood bacon! I LOVED the cake and the frosting but the bacon was a no for me. The weird part about these cupcakes is that one of the moms at my school that participated in my interview is friends with the baker of the breakfast cupcakes so we ran into each other there.
There will be more cupcake battles at this shop in the future...and the hubs and I just might participate at one of them! :) 


  1. all the pics, you're the best!:) Made me full looking at all of them!

  2. Thanks for sharing - and not the calories ;)

  3. This is evil for a pregnant woman to look at. Now I want cupcakes. LOL. And it's past midnight. And I have none in the house. LOL.



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