Monday, July 12, 2010

reason number 54 why one shouldn't live in a small town

Or even move back to one if you grew up in one!  Today, I ran into the dreaded ex-boyfriend. You know the one--that guy who stole your youth away from you and made you feel like you had to put up a wall around your heart. Ugh. Had I known he was back in town, I highly doubt my husband I would've moved back here. He's the last person I want to run into.
Of all places I ran into him at the community college. Little did I know that he works at the community college as a counselor (of all things!). I told my SIL about it when we got home and she told me she's actually ran into him a couple times and that whenever she and my brother would see him (when they were still happily together), they would stop so my brother could talk to him! The guy's even met my niece. Come on! She always thought it was weird that my brother would still talk to his sister's ex-bf (maybe it's only normal people who believe that you shouldn't fraternize with any of your family's exes). I didn't even know that they still spoke to one another after all this time.
I've never been a believer in exes remaining/becoming friends after a break-up. To me, it's just not done. What's funny is when I was telling my SIL about the break-up, she told me my brother said the same thing (as my ex told me!) to her.
My sister got a kick out of the story and couldn't stop laughing!! It's nice that she's now unemployed and has the time to fully enjoy the life that was happening all around her but not at her own sister's expense!! She wanted every single detail too! We actually saw him more than once. I failed to mention that after the first time, every obscenity was coming out of my mouth. Apparently, the really bad ones come out when I see people I really don't want to see! This is what I have learned about myself. lol.
Thank goodness he has no way of contacting me--unless he runs into my brother again and just asks him. The hubs got to see him up close and personal too because he had to go back into the building and he couldn't help but laugh after walking out. Sigh..what is the world coming to??
In any case, there's been a teensy bit of knitting. I cast on for a pair of mitts to replace the ones that I mysteriously lost. I finished the first mitt early this morning and I'm in the midst of working on the second one. I really want to get back into my knitting but don't know what project is going to do that for me. I was tossing around the idea of casting on for a pair of arm warmers and then I spied some malabrigo in my stash that I have earmarked for the olatz shawl. I've also been thinking about teaching myself how to crochet but we'll see. Not many days left before I have to start setting up my new classroom! I'm finally starting to sort of get a handle on things again and before I know it, I'll be in the throes of a new school year in a brand new school. Pray for me.

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  1. Ooh, the Olatz Shawl! Good pick! Can't wait to see you done that one!

    I TOTALLY get it about the ex. I can't believe my EX moved to my neighborhood, and of all friggin' soccer teams, his son ends up on my son's team. So now I have to freakin' see him every Sat morning, bright & early. Fun fun. I didn't remain friends with him, and his wife seems to think I'm the enemy (he downgraded when he married her, for sure), and I don't care. I did remain in contact with his mother over the years though, because she crafts as well. And his sister, moved onto my mother's street (Where I grew up), so I do have ties to him. However.... why did he have to move to my friggin' neighborhood? I didn't give him permission!? LOL


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