Sunday, July 11, 2010

something to share

Well, miracle upon miracles, I finally got my car back earlier this week! It's working like a charm but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
The rodeo is in town marking its 100th year! Tonight the hubs and I went to the annual Kiddie Kaper Parade which was followed by the Colmo Del Rodeo parade (the last time they had this parade was back in the late 80s!). Growing up, I remember going to the parades and the Colmo Del Rodeo was always my favorite because of the lowriders (lol), the cotton candy, the marching bands, and getting to see the Rodeo royalty waving to the crowds. I think they used to throw candy too! Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera so no pics to share. We had front row seats though right on the curb and the other best part? We were able to just walk a few blocks home rather than fight all the ensuing traffic after the parade ended.
I have misplaced my most favorite pair of mitts. I told the hubs I need to cast on for another pair stat! I wore them everywhere and can't think for the life of me where they could have gotten to. 
We took some of my school-related boxes to my classroom the other day so there's been a slight decrease in the amount of boxes here in the apt. but I think we're going to have to live with a few boxes here and there. It's inevitable.
There has been little knitting but I am slowly catching up on my letters and I managed to even get a little reading in. My new school is a believer in Love and Logic so I've been doing a bit of reading to familiarize myself with how things roll at the new digs. We also hit up the library where I picked up a stack of books (somehow I think I'm actually going to get to them!). Did I mention that we have monkey duty at least three nights a week (but it seems like WAY more than that!)? I still feel like I'm catching up. Not sure if I'll ever feel like I'm caught up again.
My sister starts school in Chicago at the end of next month. She is flying out there in a couple weeks to find a place to live. Hopefully things will fall into place. She can be a bit of a stress case!
Okay, off to letter land!

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  1. Which mittens are your fave pair that you lost? Sorry to hear you lost them :(

    That's so exciting that you're almost back to school already! Yey! Are you excited?

    The Rodeo sounds like a lot of fun!! Totally awesome. I've never been to one.

    Wait, why are you wearing mittens at this time of the summer? It's cold in CA?


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