Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I had forgotten what life was like B.C. (before children). In nearly two months I've suddenly become a part-time mother. I was talking to my most excellent friend who works at my old school the other day and she asked me how was life living with a kid and I said, "It sucks!" lol. I've lost so much time. The last two days though, we have been minus one child in the evenings and it has been sweet!
I recently got back in touch with my very best friend from high school (I had misplaced her number I don't know how long ago and out of the blue, she sent me an email sometime last month with her phone number). We hung out with her and her family for the 4th of July and she just so happened to be in town last night so the hubs and I went over to her mom's house to hang out. She was in search of the monkey but had that child come with us, we wouldn't have been able to just hang out and we would've had to have come home early! Later this weekend, the monkey and her mom are going on a camping trip. I can't wait!
The hubs and I were trying to figure out when we could go down to LA to see my aforementioned friend (and my FIL) and what I thought was our only feasible possibility was this weekend, the very same weekend when our roommates are going to be gone too! I thought about it some more, and now we're looking at the very last weekend of the month to go because once August comes, I won't be able to take any days off since I'll be getting my classroom ready!
I was able to do a lot of decluttering today. I even got to wind some yarn! I was able to go through a couple of my pattern binders to see what I would like to cast on for. It was nice. 
So I want to start an aeolian shawl with a stockinette body and an alhambra scarf. Yes, I still have a pair of socks on the needles but so what. I cast on and off for a new pair of irish hiking mitts the other day.
Here is a shot of one of my mitts, unseamed. I forgot to get a finished shot of them. That is something that has definitely fallen by the wayside-finished object shots. In our new apt, the lighting is absolutely atrocious. There isn't any natural lighting in our bathroom either so I'm left with nowhere to take my photos. I'll have to remember when my sister comes to have her pose with all my finished shawls so I can post them on here.
In the meantime, here's what I do have to share:
This last shot is my favorite one of my clothilde shawl.
While I was looking through my pattern binders, I decided against casting on for an olatz shawl after all. Reason being, it's very similar to the clothilde. Oh well. Back to the drawing board!


  1. Great pics! Love that shawl! So glad everything is starting to come toghether for you!:) hugs

  2. Life before child - cute! How's it living with monkey?

    Great knitting projects! That's a lot you have there on the go! You certainly won't get bored. Can't wait to see them all done!

    I think I'm sick of Irish Hiking for a while. I've made one for my hubby as well as his father too. Love the color you chose for yours though!



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