Friday, July 16, 2010

an experiment

Can you tell I'm really trying to get back into this blogging thing?? Yesterday, I did a bit of experimentation with my bathroom mirror and my finished objects.
This picture wasn't too bad. But I couldn't duplicate it for any of the other two shawls I have finished in the last couple of months!
I learned that tubs are for much more than bathing and washing your pretend fruit and dishes for your classroom! You can use a tub to take a picture of a shawl too.
The next photos are taking in the room I share with the monkey. She keeps her toys there and I keep mine. lol. I present to you, the beginnings of alhambra
I am so super glad I selected this shade of yellow rather than the drab stuff I had earmarked for this scarf. I'm slowly chugging along on my aeolian in stockinette stitch body but nothing exciting to show of that one!
Okay, I gotta go. The hubs and I are off to a cupcake battle at a little shop in our downtown area. I think anyone who shows up gets to partake in the eating!!! The battle starts at 6. Ooh, I should bring my camera!


Hey everyone,
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